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Natural Flush: These Blush Tricks Will Help Avoid The Clown Cheeks Syndrome!

Natural Flush: These Blush Tricks Will Help Avoid The Clown Cheeks Syndrome!

It's happened to the best of us: we step out of the house thinking we did a fabulous job as doing at our makeup only to see that our blush didn't blend too well. While a blush is primarily supposed to add a little colour to your cheeks and definition to your face in general, an extra swipe of blush can lead to clown cheeks.


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How To Avoid Clown Cheeks?

1. Never apply your blush directly after you blend your foundation in. The powder blush will get stuck on the un-set foundation and won't blend as well as you'd hope. Follow this route: first the foundation, then the powder (could be loose or compact powder) and then powder blush. The powder on powder is easier to blend.

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2. If you choose a liquid tint like me, chances are it'll go everywhere if you don't take your time and do it right. So after I put on my concealer, I apply the liquid cheek tint and then put on my foundation. That way, if I've gone over, I can use a bit more foundation and it'll look A-OK.

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3. The third thing you can do is choose lighter shades to use as a blush. Instead of going for bright pink, try dusty rose or taupe.

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Happy Monday to ya!

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Published on Aug 6, 2018
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