Anushka Sharma Wore A Bangin' All-White OOTD & You Can Do It Too!

Anushka Sharma Wore A Bangin' All-White OOTD & You Can Do It Too!

Don't you just love it when someone puts together a great outfit, without moving a muscle? Especially more when you are in a fix to find the right balance of stylish and comfort while travelling. Well, that's exactly what we are going to do today! The outfit we have put together is inspired by a recent airport look served up in a pristine white platter by the queen of comfort dressing, Anushka Sharma:

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Anushka's all white ensemble is a styling trick many women use when they're unsure about separates. The monotone look is uber stylish and extremely easy to pull off. The trick lies in pairing separates of different fabrics or textures so that the whole ensemble doesn't look washed out. We love what Anushka did with the concept, so we recreated the look with styles similar to her travel style.

The Basic White Tee

1 anushka sharma

A basic white tee is a wardrobe staple that every woman absolutely needs. We picked one in a poly/spandex blend which will render a more fitted silhouette while also being comfortable.

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Smart Easy-To-Wear Trousers

2 anushka sharma

Tailored linen trousers are not just an attire meant for the office anymore, they have moved up the ladder and have become a stylish choice for most millennials. We picked a 'baggy around the hips' version that'll make for a comfortable yet fashionable travel experience. 

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A Pair Of Classic White Sneakers

3 anushka sharma

White sneakers are a timeless classic, but we took the awesome up a notch...we added some glitter! Pair your daily casuals with these chunky laced sneakers to amp up the drama just a little bit.

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An Oversized Tote

4 anushka sharma 

What better way to carry all your necessities than in a stylish oversized tote? Be careful with this one though. It's all white and can run into trouble with pesky overhead compartment spills. 

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