Free The Pits! Here's Why You Should Grow Out Your Underarm Hair

Free The Pits! Here's Why You Should Grow Out Your Underarm Hair

If getting rid of underarm fuzz wasn't a social norm, I'm not sure if any of us would have willing used a razor. When it comes to body hair, we think it's your choice. We stumbled on some research and realised it may just be better to keep underarm hair just as is. What? Why? Calm down, guys! Believe it or not, growing your underarm hair is actually a good thing! Here's why...

1. They're Clean Freaks!

Underarm hair is anything but useless. It moves the bacteria and sweat away from your skin so that the underarm area remains clean and odourless. Indirectly, it saves prevents bacteria from using your pits as a breeding ground and saves you from getting an infection. 

2. Say NO To Chafing

If you hate thigh chafing, we bet you'll also hate underarm chafing. Shaving or removing underarm hair may make the area smooth, but at the same time give you cuts, boils and infections. Grow it out, we say! That way, your skin won't stick together and you'll never have to deal with itchy pits!

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3. They Keep Your Pits Smooth AF!

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Each time you shave or wax you irritate your skin. The area becomes dull, pokey and itches. Your pits are sensitive. If you're not careful enough, you'll land up with bumps, boils and rashes. *Ouch*

Not just good for hygiene, here are two more reasons to keep your armpit hair intact.

4. It Gears You Up For SEX!

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The moment you hit puberty, the apocrine glands in your pits start to secrete oils that are loaded with protein and pheromones. This gland is also found in another secret place. Yep, you guessed right! It's your vajajay. The stronger the scent, the more men you'll attract *Wink*

5. It Protects Your Arteries & Blood Vessels 

When you remove your underarm hair, it exposes your circulatory system. Danger could strike any moment and damage the area severely. Growing your underarm hair will act as a protective barrier for your skin and keep your body safe. 

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