Got Buns, Hun? Use These 7 Beauty Products For That Sexy Booty

Got Buns, Hun? Use These 7 Beauty Products For That Sexy Booty

You know what needs your love right now? Your BOOTY! That fine, plump peach at the back needs some tender lovin'! We think you should put the same amount of care and attention when making that booty pop! For a softer, firmer and smoother butt, we give you 7 golden babies to choose from.

1. Anese - That Booty Though

1 booty

For girls who have thick thighs and a round booty, this booty scrub is perfect for her! It's meant to target stretch marks, blemishes and acne. Plus, it makes your butt feels as soft as a feather! Happy scrubbing *Wink*

Price: Rs 7,290. Buy it here

2. Westminster Butt Face Soap

2 booty

One bar of soap is meant for your butt and the other is for your face! Pretty neat, right? You're free to use both of them at the same time if you want too. 

Price: Rs 2,500. Buy it here.

3. Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream Travel Size

3 booty

The firmer the butt, the better it looks in those jeans, right? This cream is meant for your bum, arms, tummy and legs. Plus, it smells of pistachios and almonds. Sounds yummy?

Price: Rs 1,547. Buy it here.

4. I Like Smooth Butts & I Cannot Lie Raw Shea and Coffee Scrub

4 booty

Exfoliating your booty is the best feeling ever. This shea and coffee scrub not only has a heavenly scent, it also makes your butt super soft and clean after washing the scrub off. 

Rs 1,402. Buy it here.

5. The Body Shop Mango Body Yogurt 

5 booty

Mangoes are such juicy fruits and this body yoghurt will make your butt feel the same way too. Your boyfriend is going to be a lucky guy to have his woman smell so sinfully delicious. 

Rs. 845. Buy it here.

6. Bomb Cosmetics Milk & Honey Body Polish

6 booty

Scoop some of this product in your hand and apply it on your booty. Don't forget to massage your butt in circular motions. 

Rs. 1,717. Buy it here

7. Moroccanoil Fleur De Rose Body Buff

7 booty

If you've used the oil and the shampoo of this range, we're sure this body buff would be on your beauty bucket list too. Plus, it smells of grapeseeds and almond oil. It's fabulous!

Rs. 4,770. Buy it here

Featured Image: Shutterstock

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