Don't Know How To Style Your Baby Hair? See This!

Don't Know How To Style Your Baby Hair? See This!

I've had baby hair all my life! I used to get insecure about it at first, but I've learned to accept it now. I used to have a fringe in school and college just to hide my baby hair. I even once shaved it! (Please don't ever do this at home! It'll grow back thicker and longer) Threading nor waxing worked either. A laser treatment was my only option, but I had mixed feelings about that. As time went by, I grew to live with it and style my hair without giving a hoot about my baby hair. Here's a picture of my baby hair in ALL it's glory.


If you have baby hair, here are few more IG influencers I found that are totally rocking what their mama gave them. 


1. The Bun Story


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Don't feel shy to tie your hair back and up if you have baby hair. You look pretty and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

2. Pineapple Heaven


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Never has a top knot looked this gorgeous before. For girls who have curls and baby hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you. 

3. Keep It All To One Side, Will You?

Let your hair open and gather it all to one side. Apply a serum to make your mane glossy and shine free. Plus, if you have frizzy hair, this hair product will take care of that too. 

4. Plaits So Fine

The next time you intend to tie a nice thick plait, keep this as your hair inspiration. Also, accessories are welcome - the more, the better *Wink* 

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