8 Affordable Sheet Masks For Fresh & Glowing Skin Under Rs 149

8 Affordable Sheet Masks For Fresh & Glowing Skin Under Rs 149

To tell you the truth, I wouldn't spend more than 150 bucks on a sheet mask. I mean, I can make a mask at home using natural ingredients, so why buy one, right? Wrong. Even I have days when I feel too lazy to make a mask from scratch. On a holiday, I'd rather slap the mask on my face and Netflix instead of making a face pack. I look for sheet masks that promise to moisturise my skin and leave behind a radiant glow. (Plus, one that's easy on the pocket too) For less than Rs 149, you can bring home any of these fabulous sheet masks!   

1. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Serum Mask

1 sheet mask

This range has three sheet masks - I like this one the best! It's loaded with lemon extracts and vitamin C that helps to brighten skin and reduce dark spots. It literally makes your face glow like a bulb after removing the sheet mask. 

Price: Rs 99. Buy it here

2. It's Skin The Fresh Mask Sheet - Tea Tree

2 sheet mask

For women who have acne-prone or oily skin, a tea tree mask is the best beauty product you can gift yourself. It softens, nourishes and hydrates the skin too. Put on the sheet mask and leave it on for 15 minutes and say hello to gorgeous skin! 

Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

3. Pascucci Argan Good Face Eco Mask Sheet

2 sheet mask

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I bet you probably have never used an Argan sheet mask before - let this be your first experience! The vitamin E and fatty acids in the tissue help to heal skin and keep it free from pimples, scars and spots. 

Price: Rs 125. Buy it here.

4. Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask - Tomato

4 sheet mask

Does your skin feel dull and tired lately? You need tomatoes in your life! This squeeze mask is next level awesome! The moment it makes contact with your face, it'll keep your skin cool, fresh and moist. Try it to believe it!

Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

5. O3+ Plunge Radiance Face Mask Vitamin C

5 sheet mask

Ask anyone and they'll tell you how amazing this sheet mask is. It's designed to make your skin glow as it's packed with multivitamins. The best part is that it's free of parabens and suits all skin types.  

Price: Rs 135. Buy it here.

6. DearPacker Home Remedy Mask - Egg White + Lemon

6 sheet mask

You know your skin will glow the moment you read egg and lemon extract on the packet. It controls sebum and tightens pores as well. Not to forget that it makes your skin really soft and smooth. 

Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

7. The Face Shop Real Nature Calendula Face Mask

7 sheet mask

How often do you find a calendula face mask, right? This one is rare and totally worth the money. Gets rid of dead skin cells, nourishes skin and keeps it supple all day long! 

Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

8. BeauuGreen Essence Mask - Vitamin

8 sheet mask

It's raining oranges, girls! This eco-friendly sheet mask smells so delicious, you just want to eat it! While it cleanses your face, it keeps your face hydrated for long hours as well. 

Price: Rs 100. Buy it here.

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