Ladies, Fasten Your Seat Belts For 8 Super Fly Cabin Luggage Bags

Ladies, Fasten Your Seat Belts For 8 Super Fly Cabin Luggage Bags

The thrill of walking the huge halls of an airport is unbeatable. The rush you get from travelling to new and unexplored places is better than all your drunken nights combined, isn't it? With the exotic new holiday destinations also comes the super chic Instagrammable photos.

For us fashion girls, it's as important to be a head-turner in the check-in queue as the chic-o-meter of your actual vacation wardrobe. Everyone knows airport OOTDs are an actual thing at the moment and we don't think it will ever NOT be one. Just in case you didn't think your cabin luggage was a significant part of your travel style, let's catch you up.

Stylish cabin luggage bags elevate your travel style and you should never be okay with rolling around a shabby one around. NEVER. It wouldn't be ideal to have a kickass outfit on also having your luggage cramp your style, would it? 

No. Which is why we curated a list of 8 very chic, very instagrammable carry-on bags for the wanderlust-er in you. Pick your favourite and start planning that vacation, girl:

1. Mint Condition

1 ali express stylish cabin luggage bags

Those colours are enough to want to roll this 3D effect carry-on bag around all day, isn't it? Second glances, guaranteed!

POPxo recommends: 18 Inches Hardside Luggage Bag (Rs 5,764) by Ali Express

2. Fruitilicious

2 band box stylish cabin luggage bags

Fresh prints like this orange print cabin bag will keep your airport style young and also get you those extra brownie points!

POPxo recommends: Tropical Hobo Bag (Rs 1,700) by Bandbox

3. Batman On Board

3 gamme stylish cabin luggage bags

This Batman symbol rolling bag deserves a spot in your overhead cabin, doesn't it? Not only is it really (REALLY) cool, it is also a classic metallic grey, which will never go out of style.

POPxo recommends: Gamme Grey Cabin Hard Luggage (Rs 4,073) by Gamme

4. Off The Shoulder

4 h m stylish cabin luggage bags

This shoulder bag is big enough to carry a couple nights' clothing and compact enought to fit under your plane seat. The aqua blue colour is a total bonus!

POPxo recommends: Nylon Weekend Bag (Rs 2,299) by H&M

5. Leather Weather

7 obani stylish cabin luggage bags

We fell in love with this soft leather cabin luggage bag at first sight. The tan colour and stylish buckle detail make it a true treasure, trust us.

POPxo recommends: Cabin Soft Leather Traveling Trolley Bag Luggage (Rs 6,785) Obani 

6. Patch Things Up

6 the love hook stylish cabin luggage bags

We're still not over patches and who can blame us? Just take one look at this indie canvas carry-on bag and you know you're sold.

POPxo recommends: Blue Patch Duffle Bag (Rs 2,500) by The Love Hook

7. Wanderlust On A Roll

9 genie stylish cabin luggage bags

A rolling cabin luggage bag that has every place you ever want to visit on it? What's not to love? Get it, don't regret it, girl.

POPxo recommends: White Hard Sided Carry-On Selina PC 21 White (Rs 3,799) by Genie

8. Panda-stic!

8 mango people duffle stylish cabin luggage bags

A furry friend accompanying you on a getaway is probably the best thing that can happen to you on a trip. Which is why this panda shaped duffle bag is a must-have, amirite?

POPxo recommends: Panda Duffle Bag (Rs 1,699) by Mango People

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