6 Adorable Accessories From The POPxo Collection That Every Globetrotter Needs Right This Minute!

6 Adorable Accessories From The POPxo Collection That Every Globetrotter Needs Right This Minute!

Beaches or mountains? We say why choose? Go for 'em both! 

There’s something about travelling, exploring, and getting lost in the middle of nowhere that gives me such a thrill I can’t even describe it. Am I sounding like Bunny from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani? Even so. But it’s true - main udna chahta hoon, daudna chata hoon, girna chahta hoon…bus rukna nahi chahta hoon.

Is this all sounding a little too familiar? Do you also have that deep, inner desire to just spend all your time traveling? Well then, high five! And you know what's putting us in this #vacaymood these days? It's our POPxo Shop!

In case you didn't already know, POPxo just launched a whole lot of accessories, and these, in particular, are tailor made for every travel junkie ever. Picture it: a comfy pair of jeans, these cute travel tidbits, and a boarding pass in your hand- what more do you need?!

So while you book your next holiday, head on over to POPxo Shop and order these too. We bet they'll put you in the best vacay state of mind!

1. Travel On My Mind Laptop Sleeve

travel on my mind sleeve

Are you the kind to work even on holiday? Then this latop sleeve is the perfect fit for you. Sit by the pool, sunbathe, and get on with work. We guarantee you won't get judgy looks if you've got this cute sleeve on you.

Price: Rs. 999

POPxo Recommends : Travel On My Mind

2. Oh The Places Phone Cover

oh the places phone cover

Hello globetrotter! Did you really go to Paris if you didn't take a super cute pouty selfie there? Of course, you didn't! Oh, and while you're at it, we'd suggest making sure your phone looks as vacation-ready as your outfit with this adorable phone cover. Remember, holiday dressing is a real thing, and we take it seriously.

Price: Rs. 499

POPxo Recommends : Oh The Places Phone Cover

3. Sea You Soon Canvas Pouch

sea you soon

What's a travel essential I swear by? It's got to be pouches. They help you keep clutter at bay, cause darling, nobody wants to be tidying up on a holiday. Get one for your make-up (or three if you're like me), one for phone and laptop cables, another for toiletries and accessories, and some more just in case! You can never be too organised, trust me.

Price: Rs. 549

POPxo Recommends : Sea You Soon Canvas Pouch

4. Vacation Calling Canvas Pouch

vacay calling pouch

If you prefer pouches that don't stain easy, then you've got to buy this one. Better yet, use it to carry essentials like your passport, flight and hotel details, a tiny hairbrush, a lip balm, and a roll on perfume. After all, a girl always needs to look fresh. Always.

Price: Rs. 549

POPxo Recommends : Vacation Calling Canvas Pouch

5. Non Stop Vacay Tote

non stop vacay tote

The only downside to a vacation (if there is any) is lugging essentials things around when you're being tourist-y. Worse yet, doing it using a shabby backpack. Which is why totes are a perfect alternate. From your phone to a power bank to snacks and sunglasses, this bag is spacious, pink, and adorable. Trip handbag, check!

Price: Rs. 599

POPxo Recommends : Non Stop Vacay Tote

6. See You In Hawaii Canvas Tote

see you in hawaii tote

#OOTD photos with this on your shoulder? Become a fashion influencer already gurl! You can keep your outfit 'basic' but with this bag you'll shoot up to 'basically bewitching' in an instant. Use it to keep your beach essentials safe and imagine you're in Honolulu, cause Hawaii is a state of mind guys! 

Price: Rs. 599

POPxo Recommends : See You In Hawaii Canvas Tote

What are you waiting for? Get set to shop and travel the world!

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