5 Bedazzled Tiny Bags To Charm You Way Through A Fancy Party | POPxo

Bedazzled Tiny Bags To Carry & Grab Everybody's Attention At A Fancy Party

Heading to a fancy party and need something to carry your phone, cash and keys in?

Walking into a pub and wondering where to put your essentials in case you’re not carrying a giant, the bulky tote is a legitimate problem for women. This is where tiny clutches, sling bags, and bum bags come in handy. They stay inconspicuous, are easy to carry and come in some really cool designs for the lovers of all things chic.

We picked five super OTT bedazzled bags that you could carry to your next party and glide through like it’s no big deal. We promise, they’ll go perfectly well with cocktail dresses and will also add some frosting to a plain jane ensemble. Take your pick!

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Published on Aug 4, 2018
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