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15 Inspiring Travel Quotes That Will Make The Wanderer In You Go Far & Often

15 Inspiring Travel Quotes That Will Make The Wanderer In You Go Far & Often

'Wanderlust' is a strong desire or urge to wander and explore the world. And we all have that urge to travel, discover new places, meet new people and live through different experiences. Even on my busiest days, what keeps me going are these words of wisdom from various travellers, authors, and poets that make me dream of a place far, far away. These people gave 'travel' a meaning in my life and their words keep the wanderer in me alive. 

So, sit back relax and let these words speak for themselves.

1. Travel to be a better person


2. Perspective matters

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3. Home is where the heart is...


4. Get lost and find yourself!


5. My country is the entire world!


6. I remember and remember everything...


7. How much have you travelled?


8. It's always about the journey


9. Never travel without your diary

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10. The road less travelled...

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11. New places, new me!


12. True places aren't in any maps


13. I am not the same after discovering the world

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14. Nomad for life

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15. Not all, not at all...


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