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All About Self-Care: 14 Signs You Need A Break And Some 'Me' Time!

All About Self-Care: 14 Signs You Need A Break And Some 'Me' Time!

Have you ever felt like everything around you doesn't make sense anymore or you're going through life but not living? Or does the word 'party' does not excite you anymore? 

Well, my friend, it looks like you're going through a difficult period and you just need to make some quality time for yourself. All alone, just you, a cup of coffee and a book, that's all you need right now.

But, if you're still unsure about your status, go ahead and read these 14 signs that say, you need a little 'me' time. Self-love and self-care are important, after all!

1. You're always tired, of everything in general

Not just physically, but everything around you is draining the life out of you. Your office work, your gym routine, important phone calls, family, everything is making you tired and you feel exhausted all the time, in general.

1. Tired

2. Life is in a rushing past you

Every day you head out of the home in a rush, eating your breakfast on the way or while replying to some emails. You don't even have the time to eat food or even breathe peacefully.

3. You constantly find yourself in stress mode

Since work is so hectic, you find yourself popping headache pills at the end of the day. You are always so stressed that it might just be affecting your health.

3. Stressed out 2

4. Everything seems to be getting under your skin

You cannot tolerate the annoying construction noise around your house or the baby that is crying hysterically in the metro. Everything seems to be getting more and more under your skin.

5. You're snapping for no reason

Easily getting annoyed at everything, especially your mum and closed ones for no apparent reason, is another sign you must look out for.

5. Snapping

6. You spend way too much time worrying

You end up worrying about the smallest detail of your life, including what people think about you or say to you. It really affects you and you think about it over and over. Girl, you need to take off some time and worry just about yourself!

7. You think you have no time for yourself

The biggest mistake is that you think you don't have any time whatsoever for this 'me' time. But that's just a thought, you can always make some time for self-lovin'.

7. No time

8. Life is not fun anymore

Your life feels dull, you just go from home to work and work to home. That's all that is left, you can't see fun anymore.

9. You find everyone annoying

Everyone annoys the heck out of you, it's like they're just blabbering words that make no sense to you anymore.

9. annoying

10. You hate being around people

Now that things have reached a certain level of frustration, you just don't want to be around people at all. 

11. You think way too much before you speak

'Coz you've built up so many emotions, there are a thousand things in your head. So, now, you are an overthinker. You think way too much before you speak.

8. not saying

12. You're ignoring all your emotions

Yes, you don't like facing them 'coz it will make you cry or wanna go into isolation, which you don't want to do.

13. You zone out a lot

When people are talking to you, you're in your own world, thinking about something and not really listening to them. You just zone out anywhere, and everywhere.

11. phasing out

14. You are not the happy person you used to be anymore

People have seen the change in you and they often tell you that you don't seem 'happy' anymore. And believe it or not but you need to get going to change that comment about yourself!

If you can relate to these, you need to go and give yourself some time. Pamper yourself, relax and travel, if possible!

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Published on Aug 16, 2018
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