Bros Forever: 10 Reasons Why My Bestie Deserves A Rakhi From Me Every Year

Bros Forever: 10 Reasons Why My Bestie Deserves A Rakhi From Me Every Year

We mostly limit Rakshabandhan to our brothers because according to the society, men are our ultimate protectors and caregivers. But, to hell with clichés and norms that bind us from expressing love! In the 21st Century, our brothers aren't the only ones who deserve a rakhi, our best friends deserve it too.

So this year rakhi isn't just for our brothers. We are dedicating our rakhis to everyone who truly loves and cares about us. And a best friend checks in all the categories.

So here are 10 reasons why your bestie deserves a Rakhi!

1. They are always, always there for you...

They are your SOS, number one on speed dial, no matter what the situation is. Whether it's a heartbreak, a fashion emergency or just a midnight thought that you need to share immediately, you know you can always bug them and they will be there for you.

1. there for you

2. They would always fight for you

Not just physically but also verbally, they'll defend you and stand up for you in front of everyone, be it your parents, enemies or anyone else. 

3. They'll love you no matter what

Just like a brother, your bestie always loves you and comes back to you even after the worst fights you've ever had. You know she's your person!

want you backk

4. They fight with you 'coz they care

Your bestie might not agree with everything that you say or believe in or maybe they know that the guy you're dating is a complete jerk, hence, to protect you they will argue till the end of time with you if needed. 

5. They love you for who you are

No matter how crazy you act, or how you react to things, they'll still love you for who you are without judging you. In fact, they love that you're a weirdo!

5. crazy meet crazy

6. They never say goodbye

Goodbyes are just a formality! Even when you're not in the same cities anymore, you know you will meet them no matter what, or where you are. You will make it happen.

7. They bring out the best in you

They are your number one motivators, your photo gallery is probably filled with the motivational quotes they've sent you on your bad days - on the days you felt sad or nervous and of course, on the days you needed to stay away from your ex. They always bring out the best in you for real.

best in you

8. They are like family...

You chill at each other's house every day and you do everything together. Eat, sleep, shop, everything. You're basically like each other's family because there's no shame, no shyness between you and your bestie!

9. What is yours is theirs, and what is theirs is yours 

Half of your clothes, shoes, bags are always at your bestie's place or their stuff is at your home. And you may just walk out of the house, not even realizing that you're wearing your friend's t-shirt. That's how awesome your bond is


10. You never give up on each other

You can segregate your friends and your best friends by seeing how easy it is for them to give up on you or the relationship because besties never give up regardless of the situations. They neither give up on you nor on your friendship.

If I were to write more, I'd end up writing a book but these are a few reasons why your bestie also deserves a rakhi from you!

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