5 Women Share Why They Are Dissatisfied With Their Sex Lives

5 Women Share Why They Are Dissatisfied With Their Sex Lives

Sex brings a couple closer. It's not just about those earth-shattering orgasms every time, but the intimacy you share with your partner. However, there are times when you find something lacking in the bedroom, even after trying to keep things fresh. You don't connect with him emotionally, or you both have too many differences outside the bedroom. He wants something that you don't, or your sexual appetites just don't match. 

I talked to a bunch of women who are dissatisfied with their sex lives and found out that it happens more than we'd like to admit. Read what they had to say and you'll be surprised, too.

1. He's probably seeing someone else...

"I have been married to this guy for over 12 years and our sex life isn't hot anymore. After three years of marriage, we realised that we aren't having fun in the bedroom but we never really talked about it. Now I have a feeling that he is seeing someone else secretly. He spends a lot of his time on the phone and once I saw a message flash on his phone which he suddenly distracted me from. I act like nothing is wrong and he acts like he does not care. We have been living our life like this for almost five years now and honestly, I am actually starting to not care. Maybe one day, I will get tired of it and leave. Until then, this is what it is."

women talk why they're so disatisfied with their sex  

2. There was no charm to begin with

"We clicked instantly when we first met. It was an arranged marriage, but we really liked each other. The first time we slept together, I didn't see fireworks. I really like him but sometimes, I guess sex is not everything. He tries but it just does not happen. I resort to self-pleasure and keep myself happy because I don't want to disappoint him."

3. Maybe it's the hormones

"I don't want to completely blame him for this. Maybe we're not connected enough or maybe we've just lost the chemistry we had or maybe it's just my hormones. I have tried to talk it out with my partner but even trying new things hasn't helped. It's frustrating to a point where we've now started to emotionally drift apart."

women talk about why they're disatisfied with sex

4. It's more about him than me

"Is there is a thing called selfish sex? He is all about finishing and does not pay much attention to foreplay. I don't know how to tell him this, so I start to subtly send him sex articles that are related to the same. Somehow, he just does not get it. I also get irritated sometimes and pick petty fights with him. Not fair but it's something that happens naturally."

5. I think he lacks sexperience

"My partner lost his virginity with me. I, however, did not. So, I believe that he lacks experience and I have experienced better. I have not tried talking to him about it because I am an awkward person in general. I keep thinking about my past partners and how it could have been with him. I am really losing interest in him these days."

women talk about why they are disatisfieed with sex

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