Traffic Lights Or Office Loo? 7 Women Reveal Where And How They Do Their Makeup For Work

Traffic Lights Or Office Loo? 7 Women Reveal Where And How They Do Their Makeup For Work

Let me tell you a little something about our team - the POPxo ladies love their makeup products like nobody’s business.  Even though work keeps them busy, they do manage to squeeze in a few hours to do their makeup. Whether it’s doing their makeup before coming to office or as soon as they get in, they always find a way to pay attention themselves. Makeup helps them to power through the day like sassy bosses. Here's what 7 women’s office makeup routine is like.  

1. I Dress Up According To My Makeup


I am one of those few people who dress up according to how my makeup is done. But for most of the days, I keep my makeup very basic. I prep my skin with a sunscreen given to me by my dermatologist. I wear BB cream or a foundation on days when I have some event happening in the office, otherwise, I let my skin breathe. For me, doing eyebrows and lashes are a must. I wear an eyeliner occasionally, depending on how late I am running for office. To finish my look, I wear Benetint on my cheeks and put on some tinted lip balm.

- Saachi Bamba, Editorial Coordinator

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2. No-Makeup Means No Makeup


My office makeup is usually NO makeup. Not the no-makeup look with 10 products but actually no makeup. But, if I need to spruce it up I concentrate on one area. That’s usually my eyes. So after my skincare routine, I use the brow pencil and a spoolie to do my brows. Then I line my eyes with a light brown shimmery eyeliner just for a little definition and then finish with 2 coats of my favourite mascara. I have been on a nude lip trip lately so I use the Nykaa So Matte Lipstick in Caramel Mocha and top it off with the  Colorbar Diamond Shine Lip Gloss in Lucent Brown. Other days, it’s just lip balm.

-Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor

3. I’m Moody When It Comes To Applying Makeup


I usually have a policy of putting on no makeup during the day and going all out at night; so the office is done with just lip balm. However, on the days when I do wear a cute dress and am in the mood to bring out the best in me, I go for the basics - brows, lashes, lips. I fill in my eyebrows with a brow powder from Benefit and use a spoolie to give it the more natural look, I even top it off with some brow gel and voila brows complete. Then I put on a mascara ‘cause who doesn’t love some fluttery lashes. To finish up I put on a nude-pink lip liner called Soar from M.A.C and my favourite my-lips-but-better shade Mehr lipstick from M.A.C!

-Anandita Malhotra, Senior Lifestyle Writer

4. Keeping My Makeup Soft & Subtle Is My Thing


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I like to keep my makeup fresh and subtle during office hours. Nothing too loud or cakey. Since I’m always in a hurry to reach office on time, I have 4 makeup products that I can’t get through my mornings without. The Maybelline New York Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation is one. The colossal kajal is the other and my new favourite work lippie is the Lakme Matte Melt Liquid Lip Colour in Vintage Pink. A hint of Benetint and I’m good to go.

- Sharon Alphonso, Beauty Writer

5. I’m All About Au Naturel


Would you believe me if I told you I’m not big on wearing makeup when I’m getting dressed for the office, considering I’m perpetually running late? Well, in case you don’t, it’s true! I’m all about au naturel. My office makeup routine includes two products - a Neutrogena sunscreen and a lipstick. Since I don’t wear kajal regularly, that’s one step eliminated right there. On days I feel super fancy, I’ll apply mascara to open up my eyes. That’s it! Five minutes and I’m out of the house.

- Srishti Gupta, Junior Lifestyle Editor

6. Traffic Lights & Makeup


I'm that girl in the car next to you, who is utilising a traffic light to do her make-up. Yes, that's how much time I dedicate to my daily look. For that, I always keep a MAC concealer, Babyface's eyebrow pencil and a Barry M lipstick in my handbag.

- Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor

7. Makeup That Moisturizes Too

7 Chhavi Porwal - Senior Trending Writer

Never have I ever been a makeup person. I’m into skincare though. Fresh look + natural glow is my everyday need and to get that look for work, I start preparing at night. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take much. I clean my face and apply Kama Ayurveda’s Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil before sleeping. I get my natural glow by morning. It also nurtures and moisturises my skin. After bathing I do not wipe the water off my face, I allow it to dry naturally (that adds up to the glow). I, then apply Burt’s Bees’ Tinted Lip Balm first and later, I add a layer of MAC Lipglass Lip Gloss on my lips. On the days I need to brighten up my face, I use Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder without foundation and Himalaya Herbal Kajal but it’s rare.

- Chhavi Porwal, Senior Trending Writer     

What's your work makeup vibe?  

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