The Genius Reason Why A Few Women Choose To Wear Heels A Size Too Big

The Genius Reason Why A Few Women Choose To Wear Heels A Size Too Big

We are always on the lookout for fashion tips and tricks that can be pulled to make our journey to fashion brilliance easier. We often start by following cues from the stylish women who are shaping modern fashion. These girls are pretty much our sartorial bible and thanks to them, we have, once again, uncovered an intelligent styling trick!

Inarguably one of the most fashionable royals, Meghan Markle, has great style. Even before her engagement to Prince Harry, this boss lady was doing things her way and we're all for it! Here's one thing that stood out to us, in terms of her unique styling tricks - the Duchess of Sussex wears shoes that are a little too big for her!

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This isn't an isolated incident either! Markle constantly turns up in shoes that are a size or two bigger for her. Especially for long events that require her being on her feet for hours at length.


I know what you're thinking... 'Why does she do it?'

The reason is quite simple: to avoid blisters. When you spend as much time as this royal Hollywood celebrity does - walking around in heels almost for long work days - it's not good for your feet. They might swell up and cause painful blisters. This is really bad in the long run as blisters and bruises can lead to bunions (read 'ouch'). Just ask anyone at work who's been wearing heels for as long as they can remember... their tales of woe will frighten you to no limit. To avoid painful deformations, it's better not to wear heels that are too tight. Instead, go up a size or two to let your feet breathe. %286%29

If you are wondering how to keep your heels in place AND avoid sliding out of them while walking, this is what you can do: stuff the toe end of the shoe with paddings like a tissue or cotton wool so that the front is properly secure but comfy. These can be removed if you have a little swelling and if you need more room in your shoe. Strut your stuff without the tuft and keep your feet looking young for a long time. This styling trick could just be the best advice we ever got to escape painful heels, couldn't it? %287%29

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