What Happened When I Asked Him To Tie Me Up During Sex

What Happened When I Asked Him To Tie Me Up During Sex

Blame the Fifty Shades franchise but BDSM became a thing when the first movie, Fifty Shades Of Grey, hit theatres. I sent him the link of the trailer as soon as it surfaced online and told him that I wanted to watch it that Valentine's Day. To our dismay, it was banned in India. So, we decided to download it instead.

Even before we finished watching the uncensored version of it, we were horny beyond explanation. We were already cuddling, but when the intense sex scene with Christian Grey and Anna began, he pulled me closer and started biting my neck. He started by gently caressing my hair at first and then slowly... unleashed his wild side.

I grabbed his butt as I kissed him passionately. I could feel his length rubbing against my shorts. He started fondling my breasts, leaving me gasping for air.

That's when I pushed him slightly and murmured, "Stop!"

He looked at me with surprise, asking me about what he did wrong. Was it escalating too quickly? Was I not enjoying it rough? 

He was not expecting the next few words that came out of my mouth, "Tie me up, baby! Be my Christain Grey."

I saw a sigh of relief on his face and he jumped out of the bed to take out a tie from his closet. (The Fifty Shades effect)

He pulled out a red satin tie, the one I had gifted him on his last birthday. Hurriedly, he sprung onto the bed and tied my hands up to the bed as we were in the missionary position.

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For all those who think it was an exact replica of the scene in the movie, let me prick your bubble. The knot kept opening as the material of the tie was satin. It was too slippery.

He tied it thrice and finally threw it off the bed in frustration. His intense eye contact kept us going and we decided to try my scarf. He wrapped the scarf around my wrists and made four knots. As soon as he tied the scarf to the bed, my arms started hurting. He thought I was moaning hard but I was struggling in pain. I yelled our safe word, "It's not hot anymore." He immediately stopped kissed my inner thighs and untied me.

I had rashes on my wrists.

We hadn't even had sex yet. After consoling me for about twenty minutes, we decided to start all over again. But the spark had gone by then. Neither of us was horny. We snuggled and slept off.

Clearly, the first time at getting handcuffed (without actual handcuffs) was a bummer.

The next morning he deleted the movie from his laptop and said, "Now I know why they didn't release it in India."

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