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Pictures To Take With Your Bridal Crew 'Coz Who Run Your World? Girls!

Pictures To Take With Your Bridal Crew 'Coz Who Run Your World? Girls!

Your wedding album is like a treasure trove of the most beautiful memories of your life. Whenever you feel like reliving some of those amazing moments, you'll find yourself going back to your pictures. And if there are any photos that you'll probably look at as lovingly as the ones with your husband and parents, then they will probably be the ones with your girl gang - your bridesmaids. So, here are a few pictures of real brides with their girlies that will give you some inspiration about all the poses you can do!

1. What better than a flowery treat?!

Yes, I agree that this pose with the bride and her bridesmaids dressed in coordinated bathrobes is a little cliché, but a little cliché never hurt anyone. And if the result is as pretty as this, then it is a must-have in your wedding album. 

2. Quirk it up!


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If you are far away from being a shy and coy bride, then make sure you bring out your crazy self in the picture too! One like this, just before you make the entry, is a must! 

3. Coordinated cuties!

Coordinated outfits and bridesmaids can never go wrong when put together. This gorgeous bride and her lovely besties made for a stunning picture with their colour coordinated sarees and accessories. It isn't necessary to be coordinated only colour-wise, you can go for the same outfit in different shades or even the same accessories and make for a perfect portrait. 

4. Priorities are priorities!


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And food is bae. If you are a girl who loves her food more than anything else and the same holds true for your friends, then a picture like this needs to be a part of your wedding album. In fact, it doesn't just have to be food. Make sure you incorporate anything that you love dearly in your wedding photoshoots. Just an example - your pets, your room or even your good ol' scooty!

5. That mehendi shot

Yes, bridesmaids are a super important part of a wedding, but not more important than the bride herself. So, after you're done clicking some amazing pictures with the girls in some super fun poses, do not forget to get one such picture clicked too. It will be a very pretty addition to the album! 

6. The bride's crew


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Okay, this picture is really cool on so many levels. Not only is the decor and background super pretty with all the smiles making for a perfect shot, but the personalized phone covers that make their way into the frame are so amazing too! 

7. Let's celebrate with champagne!

Pop open a bottle of champagne, have fun and be the 'bridechilla' that you are! Trust me when I say this, you will love that little break and hey, it'll make for some great pictures too!

8. Veeres for life!

This picture talks for itself. Sometimes you don't have to do anything to get that perfect shot. Just get your best girls together and be yourself. It'll be the prettiest ever!

Inspired much? 

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Published on Jul 11, 2018
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