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7 Simple Ways To Make That Long Distance Relationship Work

7 Simple Ways To Make That Long Distance Relationship Work

Really want to date a guy who doesn't live in your city or country? Or maybe you're already in a long distance relationship? Well, then you definitely must have heard people say the worst things when it comes to long distance relationships. Things like 'it can't work' or 'how can the relationship even survive without you seeing each other every now-and-then?'

But don't let the nay-sayers kill your buzz. If you look at the positive side, you'll realise you are not in the stone ages. There are a lot of ways you can make your long distance relationship work, and we've picked some of the best ones here:

1. Video call is your saviour!

Video call

Let's face it. Communication is always easier when it's face-to-face. Just seeing their face and expressions are guaranteed to make your day! It may not be possible to do it every time, but make it a point to call each other on video rather than voice.

2. Never assume anything till you talk to them!

2. assumption

You see a random picture of them with a girl. A thousand possible situations pop into your head. Who is she? Why don't I know her? How does he know her? Take a deep breath and relax. It may not mean what you think it does. But if you do suspect something then an open conversation is the best way to go. Don't act all crazy before you talk to them!

3. Do fun things together, like play online games together or watch a movie! (It is totally doable)

video gaming

Watch the same movie or TV show, read a similar book or just get online and play games together. You can't meet every day, but doing things with together will keep it interesting and you will always have topics to talk about. There's so much to do, thanks to technology.

4. Set your dates to meet each other

4. couples hug

Set a date to meet each other. It could be once every other month or two, but make it a point to always see each other at all costs. Plus, you'll be counting down days and you'll feel super excited when you finally get to see them! It's important to keep up to your words in a relationship. That's just how it works. 

5. Plan to move into the same city in the future

4.moving in

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You can't be stuck all your life in a long-distance, so make it a point to discuss with your partner about moving into the same city after a while. It could be a year from now or two years, whatever fits your criteria and your convenience, but talk about possibly making that move!

6. Keep each other updated on everything that goes on!

6. keeping each other updated

It's always good to know what the other person is up to. So, tell him about your day, your work and every other thing that matters. Keep them updated and make sure they update you too.

7. Don't have too many physical expectations out of each other 'cause well, you're in a long distance.


You aren't in the same city. Accept that fact. You can't physically be there for each other. At times, when you are sick or going through something emotional, don't expect them to be there all the time. They may not be able to be with you, even if they want to. You have to try and understand that. That's a test in itself too.

Long distance is challenging but that does not mean you cave in without giving it your best. What do you do to make it work? Comment down below and tell us.

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