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7 Ways You Can Get Him To Pop The Big Question Without Being Obvious!

7 Ways You Can Get Him To Pop The Big Question Without Being Obvious!

Ladies, if there's one thing we know it's that men can kind of be slow on the uptake sometimes. You know it's true, especially when we're trying to tell them about what kind of gifts we want, that there's an important birthday or anniversary coming up, it feels like the message is just not going through.

Your relationship is going well, it's going just about amazing actually. You're very much in love and dream of being just like this forever. You plan to get married to him, settle down together, make mini versions of yourselves and grow old hand in hand. But the problem is that your relationship may seem to have come to a standstill. You're ready for the next step but he just isn't popping the big question! Don't worry, we've got 7 different steps to follow to get him to finally get down on one knee.

1. Make the optimum use of your friends' weddings

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Make sure he's your plus one at all wedding functions and make it evident that this is something you'd want. If it's a common friend's wedding, point out things that he'd enjoy. Tell him how much you loved his performance at the sangeet and how for your wedding you'd definitely want something like that. That's telling him you want to get married without asking for the ring.

2. Describe your dream wedding to him

Slip in a talk about your dream wedding mid-conversation and tell him about the kind of lehenga you'd want to wear and what decor you'd prefer at the functions. Tell him if you'd want a grand celebration or a low-key family function and how it'll be a great party. If you find a cute wedding meme on Insta, show it to him and work your magic, he'll understand that this is something you really want.

3. Talk to your friends about beautiful proposal stories in front of him

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If you're all hanging together, bring up a sweet proposal story you read or some stunning pictures you've seen and talk about it to your girls. That way you're not telling him or putting a gun to his head but he's hearing that these romantic gestures are a must for you.

4. Make him meet married couples you adore

Showing him what a stable marriage looks like is important. There could be many reasons he might not be proposing and his little trust in the institution could be one. So making him meet happy and much in love couples will show him it isn't that scary. Plan double dates or go to their homes for dinner so that he can really see what a family looks like.

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5. Discuss your long and happy future

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If you've spent enough time together, he too has thought about your future together but maybe not in detail. Bring up growing old together, owning a house together, having enough money for him to buy his dream car, getting a little pooch to pamper...all these conversations if done right can make you seem reliable and committed. But don't go overboard cause that can come across as being super clingy. So be careful gurl!

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6. Don't pose an ultimatum 

In the bigger picture you'll be together for the rest of your life so why cry if you're engaged now or a few months away. So don't pose an ultimatum to your boyfriend and tell him that this is when and how you'd want to get married. It'll just scare him away. Give him time to think and plan, it's an important decision for him too.

7. Waiting around is so last century

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Girls, it's freaking 2018, if he hasn't asked you yet, muster up the courage, plan something romantic and just pop the question. If you know him well enough and are sure about spending the rest of your life together he'll say yes and if not, well at least you're not being left hanging (and there's always therapy to heal that broken heart!)

If nothing else works, just tag your bae on this article and put it out there! 

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