Common Sex Problems Women In India Face But *Never* Talk About

Common Sex Problems Women In India Face But *Never* Talk About

I figured something out recently. As much as most women want to have good sex, there is a total lack of communication on our part. Why do I say that? Well, recently I was at brunch with a bunch of my girlfriends and we were discussing our sex lives when one of them confessed that she's having a lot of sex but none of it good. I casually asked her why didn't she talk to her boyfriend about it, and she replied, "Because we don't discuss these things!"

This statement (and the curiosity in me that never lets things go) prompted me to search up more on what kind of problems women face during sex! I talked to a few women, read up a few studies and figured out the four most common problems women have during sex!

1. Lack Of Desire

A lot of what I read and heard included a lack of desire. It isn't because of a general distaste for sex but because of things that aren't in control of women like stress, fatigue and exhaustion. Sex then becomes a chore. Also, it so happens that women have been brought up not to acknowledge their sexual desires, so they end up denying themselves the pleasure because of guilt.

1 sex problems

2. Inability To Orgasm

Call it lack of communication or an inherent desire to please, but women rarely tell their partners that they haven't orgasmed. While sex may be more about the journey and not the destination, it is important to express the fact that you aren't climaxing. After all, you can't be travelling all your life. Reaching the destination is an important part of life, too.

3. Inexplicable Pain

Some women also tend to experience pain during intercourse and that makes sex an undesirable activity. This can happen due to a variety of medical reasons like endometriosis, where the uterine lining grows outside the uterus or a UTI or even dryness. Most women are too shy to talk about this and seek medical attention, so it continues to be a problem in their sex lives.

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4. Body Image Issues

Body image issues are real. Most women are unable to deal with these problems in the bedroom because sex does require you to be at your most vulnerable and naked in front of a person whose opinion matters to you the most! 

Are you dealing with these too? Well, it's time to talk about these. If you keep brushing these problems under the carpet, you will never be able to enjoy your sex life fully. 

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