These Are The Top Fashion Related Hashtags That Will Get Your Posts Noticed!

These Are The Top Fashion Related Hashtags That Will Get Your Posts Noticed!

There are two types of hashtag users in the world of Instagram and Twitter... the one who tags their outfit picture with a '#OOTD' and others who tag them with '#CouldNotFindAnythingElseSoSueMe'. hashtags have almost become an expansion tool for social media enthusiasts these days, much like keyboards, they help your posts gain more visibility. In a sea of great content created by influencers and hobbyists these days, getting more views and likes for your page can be ensured by proper tagging.

Ideally, a mix of popular generic tags and genre-specific terms should be used for an optimised post. No more than seven fashion hashtags will get the job done, so all you need to do is get tagging. Even though there are apps like Focalmark that help you search for the most relevant tags, we have the basics to get you started on your own. Take a look! 

1. High Volume Umbrella Terms

With over millions of posts attributed to them, there are some high volume hashtags that are quite often used by influencers and beginners alike. These hashtags are umbrella terms related to fashion that will get in the company of over ten million posts. If your content stands out, maybe it can even get a like or share from users!

Examples: #ootd #fashiondiaries #style #instafashion #streetstyle #fashion #fashionista #vintage

2. Theme Based Functional Phrases

The hashtags which mention a particular theme, product or trend in your post and is equally popular at the same time will get you visibility for a longer period than a viral one. They get your uploads seen by thousands of people, while still appearing in 'Recent Posts' for a long time. 

Examples: #bluejeans #whitesneakers #casualchic #outfitinspiration #newshoes #shoesday #currentlywearing

3. Niche And Targeted Tags

Instagram and Twitter have a lot of users who are on the platform to pursue their individual interests. They look for similar posts through targeted tags. For instance, #Bags is a popular tag but someone who might be looking for #bumbags will stumble on your new post, which will stay on the search page for quite a while.   

Examples: #howtostyle #fullofcurves #velvetboots #chokerstyle #bootcutjeans #bohemianlook #metallicskirt #camidress

4. Currently Trending

Hashtags related to viral challenges, popular events and current events get a lot of traction while they are still relevant. Planning your posts around these events can give you a much-needed boost of views and followers than on a regular Monday. Keep an eye out for anything that starts to trend on these platforms and for a social media savvy person this should be a price of cake!

Examples: #guccichallenge #nyestyle #fashionweek #tbt

5. Tags To Build A Following

"How to get more Instagram followers?" If this is the quest you are on, hashtags are going to be your best friend. Influencer specific and trend tags are what users and brands look out for when searching for new talent. If getting more followers is on top of your agenda, you need to tailor your content and tags accordingly. 

Examples: #instablogger #styleblogger #fashionblogger #indianblogger #stylist #fashiongram #instastyle #styleinspiration