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The Girl Who Thinks She's Not Good Enough For Her Partner... Read This

The Girl Who Thinks She's Not Good Enough For Her Partner... Read This

Every girl in a relationship has a few insecurities, but that's completely normal. However, putting your partner on a pedestal and assuming you aren't good enough for him, isn't. You have a give and take relationship, where you love and nurture one another. So what makes you assume that you don't deserve your boyfriend? Here are a few steps you can follow to understand where this statement stems from and how you can fix it. 

1. Analyse Your Relationship

Pay some time and attention to this insecurity and understand where it comes from. Has your partner ever put you down? criticised you? Made you feel less than him in any way? If you can't relate to any of these, then your relationship might not be the central issue. 

2. Make Him Aware Of Your Insecurity 

It is essential, to be honest with your partner when you're dating someone. If something this big has you questioning how you feel then sit him down and talk about it. If he truly loves you, he'll try everything he can from his end to wipe away your fears. 

3. Your Partner Is Different 

If you feel like your partner is better than you at a few things, that isn't a reason for you to think you aren't good enough for him. Consider this a chance to be proud of him instead, because you both have your own skills and talents, which make you amazing together. 

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4. Your Quirks Don't Bother Him 

You're his girlfriend, of course, he loves you for who you are. What you see as flaws, aren't the same to him. So you need to learn how you love yourself instead of questioning how much he loves you. 

5. He Knows Who You Are  

Your boyfriend is aware of the person you are, so you don't need to constantly get self-conscious over things. The fact that he has chosen to date you should make you realise that he values you for being yourself. 

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Never stop loving yourself, ladies! 

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