Shaadi Ka Kharcha Giving You Sleepless Nights? Here's Where To Save & Splurge!

Shaadi Ka Kharcha Giving You Sleepless Nights? Here's Where To Save & Splurge!

The moment your wedding date gets fixed, thoughts of shaadi ka kharcha start leading to sleepless nights. Your wedding is definitely the most special day of your life but to celebrate it do you really need to spend a fortune? Instead, why not invest wisely and spend on the right things and save on certain things? Here's our ultimate shaadi planning guide so you know where to splurge and where to save on your wedding. Take notes, brides!

Tiers of cake

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The fewer the tiers of your cake, the lesser expensive it would be. And do the tiers really matter? Instead, hire a good baker so he/she prepares the best quality cake with rich flavours that your guests will love. And who said a single tier cake cannot be made to look fancy. Take inspiration from Sonam's wedding cake that had figurines representing the bride and groom in a hilarious way!


You know that you would probably wear those heavy gold jhumkas and naths only once. It goes straight into your bank locker after the wedding as you can't incorporate them in your everyday wear. That's when the jewellery rental portals come to your rescue. Why buy when you can rent? Another great option would be to invest in fewer delicate pieces that you'll actually wear after the wedding too. Layer up the precious jewellery with imitation jewellery for an elaborate look 

Wedding favours 

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You don't need to spend a huge chunk of money on wedding favours for all your guests. Keep it to a few of your very close family and friends who've been there with you throughout and helped you plan this perfect day. Gifting 20 people as opposed to 200 means you spend less and actually give those 20 people something they'll love and cherish.

Your entry decor

The decor at the entrance is where guests actually form an impression about the wedding. But trust us, you really don't need to spend a bomb on it. Instead, spend on areas that'll be in focus throughout the evening. The mandap and the stage where the bride and groom sit is where most of the guests will meet you. Also, don't forget you get all your major pictures at these places. You want the best decor to show in the pictures, don't you?!   

On apetizers

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There's no denying that Indian weddings are all about the food. It's the food which gets the guest raving about it for months. But nobody really remembers the small munchies. Stick to two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian starters. You don't want your guests to be full with just the appetizers, right?  

Your wedding invites

In this digital era, why use paper for your wedding invites? We all have a mix of relatives. Some like it the old traditional way, rest like to go with the current trend. Make a list, divide them. Send printed cards to only those you really need to. For the rest, go online and send e-invites. Plus, you save yourselves the cost of couriering all the out of station guests! 

The photographer

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Everything else can take a back seat, but pictures first. Yes, this is where you should focus on spending and not just settle on an average photographer. Afterall, it's your wedding pictures and videos which keeps your wedding memories fresh and alive for you. So, no compromises here, girl. We're not asking you to go way beyond your budget, but do allocate a good part of your wedding budget for the photographer and do a thorough research before you book one. Here's a list of our faves for you to check out.  

The wedding lehenga

Now there are all sorts of opinions when it comes to the wedding lehenga and so we saved this one for the last. While we would love to preach you about how you only wear it once, it's also possible that for some of you that 'once' is actually the most special day of your life. So, brides, the wedding lehenga is one cost that you've got to take a call on yourselves based on your personal budget. Good luck! 

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