20 Relatable Thoughts EVERY Bride Has At The Shaadi Ka Mandap!

20 Relatable Thoughts EVERY Bride Has At The Shaadi Ka Mandap!

Your marriage is a whirlwind of emotions and guess when it all starts to sink in? All of it actually hits you while you sit at the mandap. Suddenly all the razzmatazz fades away filling your mind with random thoughts. The chants of the priest become distant and the voices in your head crank up the decibels. It does happen and here are 20 emo-churning thoughts that every bride has while sitting at the mandap. 

1. "Woah! The mandap looks gorgeous. It's done exactly the way I wanted it to be. Good job, my wedding planner!"

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2. "Oh, wait! Am I really doing this? Did I want a husband or just another celebration?"

3. "Now that everything is set, why do I feel I rushed into it?"

4. "I hope I don't trip in this 10-kilo lehenga."

5. "I am running on just a few quick naps, the pandit better wrap this up quick."

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6. "I don't get a single word or meaning of these sanskrit chants."

7. "Gosh! It's really hot here. Why do you even have to do all these customs and sit in front of the fire for long hours? Why can't we just skip all this and get onto the dance floor?"

8. "I am sure my friends are hating having to sit through this."

9. "I so want to tell him, am still not ready to play the wife. I can be a really good girlfriend, though!"

10. "Will I have to cry during my vidaai? What if I don't get any tears?"

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11. "Why don't I feel nervous about all this? Is it absolutely normal to be this way?"

12. "I hope my makeup is in place and didn't get smudged."

13. "The photographer better click good pictures or at least make me look good in all the photos."

14.  "Am I just thinking way too much and over analysing everything? I need to stay calm and stop thinking."

15. "All eyes are on me, do I look pretty or is there something on my face?"

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16. "I just can't wait to get out of this lehenga."

17. "I am so so so hungry. I wish it was totally fine to munch on something while sitting at the mandap."

18. "Why aren't there any breaks in between?"

19. "Where is my girl gang? Oh, I see them giggling away on something. You better keep me updated about all the goss later sweeties."

20. "Okay, so this is it! I will never be single again!"

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