This New Webseries About Being 'Unmarried' Is For Every Single Girl!

This New Webseries About Being 'Unmarried' Is For Every Single Girl!

"Beta, didi ki shaadi ho gayi, ab teri baari hai," a signature aunty-line that almost every Indian girl has heard at least once in her life. It happens to me all the time at family get-togethers and celebrations and I'm sure you've gotten your share of shaadi recommendations as well. Kay, Abby and Chirag, three friends from POPxo's first ever webseries Unmarried, are also dealing with this societal pressure of being married, simply because they have crossed the so-called age of marriage.   

That's exactly why you'll relate to every single character from Unmarried. It doesn't matter if you are in-love, not-in-love, single or committed, ready-for-marriage or completely off the topic, ambitious or dreamy, you'll find a little bit of yourself in Kay, Abby or Chirag. And here are some more why this  webseries that celebrates singlehood is for every single girl!

1. It's about ambition!

Kay has a mind of her own. She neither disrespects her family's wish nor she agrees to getting married, but she's facing the pressure from her parents day in and day out. I can already see a bit of my struggle in hers. 

Kay giving an interview with her company's ceo in unmarried

2. It covers love and break ups beautifully!

Been there, done that! Falling in love and getting your heart broken is all part of life and no one escapes it. But how to celebrate in good and bad times, Kay, Abby and Chirag know it well. 

3. It's about social pressures.   

"Abhi tak unmarried?" *Wink* No one can escape the societal and familial pressures that come with the freedom of singlehood.  

Kay in unmarried

4. It's about friendships! 

"Koi nahi yaar ho jaayega," you need a friend who says that more often than needed. Kay, Abby and Chirag may have their own issues, but they are there to add humour to each other's lives when needed.

5. It's basically about you

Kay, Abby and Chirag are not perfect. They are just like us: ambitious, free, in love, or in search of love. And they very well know how to appreciate and take delight in being unmarried.

Abby at a party with his fiance in unmarried

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