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14 Sweet Ways To Tell Him You Love Him Without Saying It

14 Sweet Ways To Tell Him You Love Him Without Saying It

Love can be expressed in a variety of ways. Saying 'I Love You' is just one of these, but you can show him how you feel in romantic ways that will make him realise how deeply you care for him. There's a lot you can do every day to show him that you love him without actually saying it. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Here are some ways to express admiration for him without saying those three words and eight letters every time. 

1. Unexpected Kisses And Hugs

Subtle displays of affection are so cute. Kiss him on his cheek while he's looking somewhere else and hug him when he's least expecting it. It'll make him blush.

Kisses and hugs

2. Make Breakfast For Him

Cook him his favourite dishes for breakfast on a Sunday morning as he lazes around in bed. Nothing can make him feel more special.

3. Make Him Your Priority

Nothing speaks 'I love you' louder than spending your time with someone you care about. Always take out time for him and listen to him attentively, no distractions. It'll show him that he's your number one priority.

4. Make His Birthday Special

Gift him something he really wants. Get him a cake and throw a birthday party for him by inviting all his friends over. Make the day all about him. Let him be the star of the night.

Birthday special

5. Do His Chores Some Day

Who likes to do the dishes, change the bedsheet or dust the showcase? But if you surprise him by doing it for him once in a while, he'll feel loved. 

6. Listen To Him When He's Upset

There are times he wants to be pampered and needs all the attention especially when he's low or upset. Listen to him patiently and let him have your undivided attention.

7. Take Him Out For Movies And Dinner Dates

Watch a movie of his choice and take him out for dinner at his favourite restaurant. He'll absolutely love the how much his tastes and choices matter to you.

Dinner dates

8. Give Him The Comfort To Count On You

It's always good to have someone you can confide in. Give him the comfort to rely on you. Tell him that you've got his back and he need not worry if he screws up.

9. Send Him Cute Texts (And Often)

If he's having a bad day at work and you send him a cute text telling him how special he is and how much he means to you, it will bring a smile to his face and change the course of his day.

10. Dress Up For Him

Make an effort to please him. He sure loves you in your PJs but why don't you surprise him by wearing a dress with sexy lingerie? 

Dress up for him


11. Make An Effort With His Friends

Making an effort to get along with his buddies will show him that you’re comfortable in his world. If he's planning a night with his buddies, give him his space and do something with your girl friends.

12. Cuddle And Snuggle

After sex, cuddling and snuggling in bed can bring you two closer. Talk to him, touch him and you will feel more intimate with him.

Cuddle snuggle

13. Surprise Him With A Gift

No occasion, just like that. Get him a tee or a mobile cover that he's been looking for since the longest time. A little something to tell him that you think of him.

14. Appreciate The Little Things He Does For You

If he gets you a painkiller when you have a headache or buys you chocolates when you're craving something sweet, appreciate his efforts and tell him that he's important to you.


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