8 Way Too Real Struggles Every Single Girl Faces At Shaadis!

8 Way Too Real Struggles Every Single Girl Faces At Shaadis!

There are girls who have been dreaming of their big day since they were young. Their Instagram and Pinterest saved folders range from wedding outfits and photographers to dream destinations and decor. However, there are some girls who just want to stay clear of all that. Either they are perfectly fine facing the world on their own or want to achieve enough and then think of putting a ring on that finger. But wedding season for the latter variety is tough.

That's all thanks to relatives and parents and people who seem to have a very strong opinion on an unmarried girl's life. So all my single friends, this article will probably sum up how you feel at every desi wedding ever, #TheStruggleIsReal!

1. You're reminded of your age, once, twice, and a million more times

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All you want to do is scream- "YES, I'M 27. NO, I DON'T CARE!" People will hound you and keep trying to drill your age in. They'll say things like waiting around will make people talk, you'll have problems having babies or that your options for men will be limited. AHHH!

2. The kaleera ceremony is another excuse to shame you

Everyone will be screaming at the bride to drop her kaleera on you cause they can't wait for you to get married. And the whole thing just becomes another excuse to remind you just how single you are and an unmarried 27-year-old is blasphemy!

3. Rishta aunties will find you and a "changa munda" for you

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Rishta aunties are everywhere, they've got laser eyes and they will scout the single girls and find eligible bachelors for them. They'll do their detailed research on the boy's family, habits, salary details and tell the girl that he's the one!

4. You let go of all your worries and kill it on the dance floor until the DJ starts playing romantic songs

You're grooving and getting your best moves to the dance floor but just then the DJ gets into a romantic zone and starts playing slow dancing songs. Suddenly you see your girl gang finding their other halves and swooning in love. Yeah, that shit hurts!

5. The buffet table and the bar are your new baes

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What's the safest place to hide? The food and alcohol counters, obviously! And while you're enjoying your cocktail and having a blast by yourself some or the other boy has heard you're single and starts hitting on you. It's actually the bride and groom who're trying to hook you up. Well, if he's cute it's not so much a struggle but if he's insistent, that's annoying!

6. You're freaking fed up with everything but still have to put on your most dazzling smile

The relatives, friends, and even random people have chewed up your mind but you've got to remember that you're still at a wedding. So whatever may be going on inside your head, you still have to look your stunning best! 

7. You're planning and plotting what your wedding will be like

You're a hundred percent sure that you're not taking the shaadi plunge anytime soon but you've planned every tiny detail of it. You spend most of your friends' wedding making a check-list on what to do and what not to do at yours! 

8. You're paired with a random cousin of the dulha in the couples dance at the sangeet

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This one hits way too close to heart. If you don't have a boo you're clubbed with the only other single boy around for the couples sangeet dance. You even have to make small talk with the dude during rehearsals. *eye roll* 

But obviously, the ordeal is worth it cause weddings are bloody beautiful. For one minute you actually want the whole shebang but then you remember that you're a #bossbabe doing fine on her own! 🙌

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