The Buffing Technique That's Going To Make Your Base Look Absolutely Flawless

The Buffing Technique That's Going To Make Your Base Look Absolutely Flawless

There's a lot to be learnt from celebrity makeup artist sisters and Instagram influencers Sonia And Fyza Ali. Apart from the uncanny resemblance to the Kardashians, the power duo has coined probably one of the most genius techniques in the world of makeup. A powder buffing technique that ties together your entire makeup. No more harsh lines from that contour, blush and highlight and no streaky skin. The end result will leave you with photoshopped-skin in real life! Apart from a real-life filter, the technique comes with a promise of holding your makeup in place for 18+ hours. Intrigued? Good! Keep reading!

Check out SoniaxFyza's Instagram account if you're looking for filtered, flawless skin like this. 

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What is the powder buffing technique? 

If you're a makeup enthusiast and like keeping up with beauty trends like contouring and highlighting, this technique is definitely for you! Even if just foundation and blush is your game, your blending skills could be a whole lot better. Moisturise your skin really well before you begin. Once you're done applying your foundation, powder, blush, contour and highlight, use a round, slightly dense brush to buff powder into the skin. The key takeaway from the SoniaxFyza buffing technique? Blending is key, so blend, blend, blend!

While it may be a bit overwhelming to do this every day, it's ideal for events and times when you know you're going to have your picture taken. 

Here's a quick tutorial from makeup artist Wayne Goss showing you exactly how this is done


Which powder works best for this technique? 

A lightweight pressed powder compact is your best bet. Translucent powder doesn't do the job just as well. Pick a powder that has slight coverage, a compact is perfect! What this essentially does is blur out any harsh lines while adding a little bit of coverage and longevity to your makeup. You may think adding more product to your skin will make you look cakey and piled on, but in reality; the right setting powder and the right brush will give your skin a sculpted, seamless look! If you're worried that buffing and blending are going to take away all of that blush and contour, you need not worry. The technique won't move your makeup around, in fact, it will leave your face looking airbrushed and sculpted! Make sure you don't use any products that have SPF in them to avoid any flashback in photos.

Celebrity makeup artist Wayne Goss attended a makeup masterclass held by Sonia Fyza and picked up some of her best tips and tricks and illustrated him in the video tutorial below. Check em' out!


What do you think? Will you try this technique? I know what my Sunday Funday plans are ;)

Featured Image: SoniaxFyza Instagram