20 Self-Love Practices That'll Make Your Life Brighter!

20 Self-Love Practices That'll Make Your Life Brighter!

Self-love isn't easy, in a world where everyone you come across is looking for a reason to criticise you, you turn into your biggest critic. It's important to take some time out and make the most important person in your life (you!) feel special. So here are a few easy steps that will make you feel loved, every single day. Make every day a journey to self-discovery with these easy pointers. 

1. Clean your room or at least your bed. 

2. Buy yourself some fresh flowers. 

3. Sweat it out a little, exercising helps release healing hormones. 

4. Read a book you've been meaning to. 

5. Go easy on yourself, stay in if you want to. 

05 self love habits

6. Dress up, no occasion necessary. Just put on some red lipstick. 

7. Watch something funny and laugh till your sides hurt.  

8. Need to cry it out? Watch The Fault In Our Stars again and get it off your chest. 

9. Do a little grocery shopping and buy yourself some of that fancy yogurt. 

10. Indulge yourself in a dessert of your choice. 

10 self love habits

11. Shake to some good music. 

12. Spend time with someone who makes you smile. 

13. Treat yourself to a nice meal by yourself. 

14. Find an adult colouring book and fill a few pages. 

15. Pamper yourself to an indoor spa day - do your nails and use a sheet mask. 

15 self love habits

16. Do something you usually feel guilty about (taking some alone time, binge-watching Friends). 

17. Click a bunch of cute selfies. 

18. Cook a nice meal for yourself and enjoy it with your favourite book or movie. 

19. Sit by the beach for a few hours. 

20. Light a nice candle and set the mood for yourself.

20 self love habits

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