Selena Gomez Is That Girl In Her Squad Who Always Turns Up In Sneakers

Selena Gomez Is That Girl In Her Squad Who Always Turns Up In Sneakers

Selena Gomez just had a birthday and she spent it like an average 26-year-old would, with her closest friends, chilling on a boat. The young starlet was all smiles where she posed for pictures with her pals and having what looked like a pretty fun soiree. She also shared a heartfelt message for her fans and friends:

So, what do you do when you are one of the most fashionable young pop stars of the world and you head out for your birthday with your girls? Dress up fancy like there's no tomorrow, right? Not Gomez!

Pairing her blush summer dress with a dainty necklace and sneakers, Selena definitely played fast and loose with fashion rules. The ruffles and sneakers were classic Selena, this little lady loves to explore her feminine side and she did it again:

2 selena gomez

Along with her music, Selena is famed for her body positive and youthful style, standing in a league of her own. Amongst her peers, Gomez has proven time and again that her personal sense of style is of the girl next door who doesn't take everything too seriously and is mostly down to chill and have a good time. 

3 selena gomez

While some people may say the ensemble looks off... we stand in solidarity with Selena. She was on a boat. Would you rather cut loose and dance your heart out or tumble overboard in your six-inch heels? Fashion is not just about aesthetic, it can also be about absolute comfort and feeling good in your skin. Regardless, everybody is wearing sneakers with everything anyways!

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