This Security Guard's Love For His Flute Will Inspire You To Find Your Passion

This Security Guard's Love For His Flute Will Inspire You To Find Your Passion

Oprah Winfrey once said, "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

Our passion may feed our soul, but not all of us have the liberty to pursue it. Many a time, the need to provide takes precedence and our passion becomes a part of our forgotten history.

But trying to strike a balance between his passion for music and making a living for himself, is this man from Assam. He moved to Mumbai to seek a job and found one as a security guard in Andheri. However, every day he plays tunes on his flute and the music in him keeps him going.


"I started learning the flute at a very young age when I was in my village. I trained hard under a guru and practised every day because I loved the instrument. When I was very young, my father passed away and all the household responsibilities came on me. I still loved playing and was part of a kirtan group back in my village in Assam. I would play alongside a violin and that was when I was at my peaceful best," he said.

However, his mother didn't understand his love for music and one day, set all his flutes on fire in anger. She even used that blaze to cook rice. But it didn't end his dream. He went out and purchased another flute.


Innocence and youth were shortlived after he got married. Narrating the incidents, he said, "I got married and within a year had a baby who we lost. The very next day my mother left us, too. I was completely shaken and started working in the cement industry. But my hands would peel off and the work was too tiring. That’s when I decided to move to Mumbai and look for a job. I now have two kids and a wife who are back in Assam. I get to visit them once a year, though my children keep telling me to come more often.

"I’ve been a guard at this building for more than a year now and only play the flute for entertainment. My job gives me money, but my music gives me peace. People working here really appreciate when I play. Some even thank me and others give me a thumbs up. It makes me feel very positive about my skill."

He understands the harsh truth that his music can't pay the bills, so working as a security guard is a necessity. 

"I know my flute isn’t going to pay the bills, so I am going to keep working hard as a guard. After all, I have to buy my wife all those nice clothes and lipsticks she likes. My dream is to own a piece of land to call mine and live a peaceful old age. Let’s see what happens to that dream," he concluded.

While many of us have a dream of changing the world, we forget that it's actually the little details with which we can put a smile on someone's face, like playing the flute for others on a rainy day! ❤

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