Important Bits From Sanjay Dutt & Maanayata's *Real* Love Story That 'Sanju' Missed

Important Bits From Sanjay Dutt & Maanayata's *Real* Love Story That 'Sanju' Missed

Before Sanju released, the world could not stop discussing Sanjay Dutt's surprising confession about sleeping with 308 women. After watching the movie, we're even more intrigued about all the ladies in his life, especially the one who stole his heart. 

Although Maanayata's role in Sanjay Dutt's life was put together beautifully on screen, we weren't satisfied there. Since there is so much more to uncover, we decided to do some digging. 

Here's the entire timeline of the love story of Maanayata and Sanjay Dutt.

Where it all began!

It was producer Nitin Manmohan who introduced Sanju to Maanayata way back when he was already dating music artist Nadia Durani. Apparently, Sanjay was head-over-heels over Maanayata's down-to-earth personality and fell for her.

Even though he was smitten, Sanju had to wait a few years before his relationship with Nadia ended and he began dating Maanayata.

How did she win his heart?

Sanjay Dutt is like any normal person when it comes to matters of the heart. The story goes that Maanayata loved making him home-cooked meals and swept Sanju off his feet with this simple yet caring gesture. 

She would drop off his lunches at the studios and surprise him, which Sanjay treasured. She would always prefer the simpler things in life rather than the luxurious lifestyle that came with him. Maybe that was all Sanju needed - a little bit of love and care.

Jab they got hitched!

After being in the relationship for two years, the duo took the plunge in February of 2008 in scenic Goa. Even though there were a lot of rumours surrounded the wedding, it turned out to be a picture-perfect occasion. Everyone attending simply adored the happy couple and showered them with love and affection.

Talking about her love-life and marriage to Sanju, Maanayata had told a media house that she had never been happier. "Sanju has stood by me through thick and thin," she added, "I've known him for nine years. We started seeing each other seriously in 2005. But he knew my past. So when 'friends' tried to provoke him he just laughed it off."

Maanayata added how Sanjay was a calming influence in her life as well. "He knew everything about me," she continued. "When I was going through hell before my marriage, I'd pick up the phone and ask him for help. We're both very positive people and we like to live and let live. We both believe in forgiving. And we believe every saint can have a past. And every sinner can have a future."


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The one when they had kids


Mother and her 2 cubs

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Maanayata gave birth to two adorable twins, Shahraan and Iqra, a couple of years into their marriage. Even though Sanju lost some precious family time when he went to jail, he made sure to catch up with his kids, whom he affectionately calls his 'cubs' (in reference to the Instagram picture).

Sanjay's Love letter to Manyata from Jail

Another heartwarming moment in the couple's relationship occurred when Sanjay was sentenced to imprisonment barely two months before Maanayata's birthday. She had decided to not celebrate her special day that year.

But Sanju just had to go that extra mile to make sure he expressed his love for her. He sent her a poem he wrote for her, along with a rose he had plucked and kept from the jail compounds. Maanayata apparently was left in tears on receiving the letter and the flower. Who wouldn't?

Happily Ever After?

Now that Sanju Baba's jail time is over, he is back with his family. Following his release, he told an online media portal that Maanayata was not just his 'better' half, but his 'best' half. 

"She is my strength," Sanjay added. "Whenever I fall down, she supports me. I believe she had suffered more than myself. Raising (our) kids alone and realizing each day what she had, I pray that nobody gets to suffer it anywhere."

Maanayata has been a rock in Sanjay's topsy-turvy life, keeping him anchored during the tough times. Their relationship is a testimony to all the times we questioned whether a perfect love story does exist. Well, their's is more than just a fairytale; it's a real-life love story!

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