Read This Practical Guide To Having Sex Outdoors And Fulfil That Naughty Fantasy!

Read This Practical Guide To Having Sex Outdoors And Fulfil That Naughty Fantasy!

Experimenting during sex is just as important as having sex! If you think you're going to be doing it in the missionary position all your life, I've got news for you: You'll be bored and over it pretty quickly. And that's not a thing you want to be bored of, do you? 

So, I did something naughty! I had sex outdoors and I highly recommend it! Do you know how much fun it is to sneak around and do naughty things with (and to) your partner especially when there is a risk of getting caught? The thrill of it all is too much to resist. So, if that's a fantasy you've been harbouring for a while now - having sex in a park, on a beach or maybe even a pool, we have a guide to make it all easy for you and your partner. Screw away, my friends!

1. Choose A Good Day

If it's pouring cats and dogs and you decide to have sex in the park, you need to be prepared for an unpleasant experience, obviously! A bright day is a better bet, honestly!

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2. Find Secluded Areas

If you plan to have sex outdoors, you need places where you won't be disturbed! There will be no point in having the cops walk in on you (thanks to other people's complaints). If you're planning on doing it in a public place, find a spot that is absolutely secluded and away from little children! Your own backpack, under the stars, will be a good place to start.

3. Comfort First

We, humans, have a lot of nooks and crannies in our body. Imagine lying on the sand and it getting in all the wrong places. Sounds painful, right? Maybe carry a bedsheet to the beach and avoid having to wash away the sticky sand that you'll be finding stuck to your body for days!

4. Try A Safe Position

I don't think outdoors is a place you should be experimenting with positions? Think about it, would you really want to have a random person find you boning your partner, say maybe, on your knees? Awkward! So the safest bet is to do it standing. In and out in minutes! *wink* 

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5. Wear The Right Clothes

Imagine having to quickly remove your tight-fit jeans to do it behind a tree in the park! Umm, no thank you. It's so much easier to have your skirt/dress bunched around your waist and to quickly pull it down if you feel someone's coming.

6. Have An Escape Plan

Your escape plan should cover two aspects - where you'll run to if you get caught and how you'll clean up once you're done. Also, ladies, remember protection! That's to escape any pregnancy scare! 

7. Be In The Moment

I know, I know, I've listed down a lot of rules but eventually, it boils down to having fun. Let loose for some time and just have fun instead of worrying about a million things that may go wrong. This is an experience you'll be talking about for a long time, so make it worth the while!

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