This Paralympic Gold Medalist Became The First Amputee To Walk The Ramp!

This Paralympic Gold Medalist Became The First Amputee To Walk The Ramp!

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Show this year made history. Casting real women with extraordinary accomplishments and personal triumphs walked the ramp in size inclusive swimwear. You must have already heard about Mara Martin going viral for walking the ramp while breastfeeding her little girl:

While this moment was totally badass, there is another milestone from the show that we wish to celebrate with gusto. In a first, the show was opened by Brenna Huckaby, a two time Paralympic gold medalist, snowboarder and cancer survivor amputee.

The American athlete is the winner two gold medals at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games. She also recently took home the ESPY for Best Female Athlete with a Disability and became the first amputee to feature in the pages of SI Swimsuit.

Talking about the opportunity afforded to Brenna, she shared a heartfelt message for all her followers:


Last one I swear 🙈 I wanted to make a post to thank you for the uplifting words. I can feel the love from each and everyone of you. This is what it’s about. It’s about accepting yourself. Your sexy, goofy, smart self. It’s about loving your journey. It’s about working on yourself and knowing you might fail. It’s about getting back up and going for it again, knowing failure is STILL an option. It’s about overcoming situations and problems that you might not know how to solve. It’s about other strong people building a ladder to help you get over that wall. My successes, big and small were not even almost achieved alone. Every medal I’ve won I had a team of supporters, family members, friends, strangers and social media words of encouragement to make it work. This is no different. SO LOVE YOURSELF. GET UP. AND GO FOR IT. You’ll make it if you work for it and accept a helping hand ( and they are stretched out in the weirdest places if you let them) honeeyyyy👏🏼👏🏼

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Here's hoping for more groundbreaking fashion moments like these!

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