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Office Romance: 10 Rules Of Dating A Co-Worker

Office Romance: 10 Rules Of Dating A Co-Worker

Office romances are a common thing nowadays. With the amount of time you spend with a co-worker, it's natural to develop some kind of feelings for them.

It's fun to have a constant support at your workplace who'll help you deal with stress and keep you motivated to show up at work every day. But this excitement must be contained and not overdone. Losing your job because of an office romance is definitely not worth the risk.

Here are some rules you must follow in order to have a smooth office romance and stay out of trouble. Read on!

1. Check The Company's Policies

Some companies have certain policies and guidelines related to engaging in an office romance. Make sure you read through the rules before taking any step. After all, you don't want to get fired.

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2. Look For Hidden Agendas

Make sure you know your colleague enough before jumping into a relationship with them. Sometimes, they may be looking for a casual relationship only. It’s important to determine if there is an ulterior motive behind them approaching you.

3. Don't Let It Hamper Professional Goals

While you are in office, you're an employee first and a lover later. Ups and downs in your relationship with your colleague must not affect your performance at work. Your professional goals should be your first priority. The company's targets shouldn't suffer because of your personal life.

4. Don't Break The Law

A sexual harassment case can not only affect your present job but also jeopardise your entire career. You can end up in jail if you break the law. Do not force your co-worker to be with you. Make sure the relationship is consensual.

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5. Give Them Space

Don't smother your partner by asking them to keep meeting you for a coffee or tea break. Live and let live, in this case, work and let them work too. Don't distract them from their job and give them space.

6. PDA Is A Big No

Holding hands, constantly hugging or addressing each other by nicknames is a strict no. Act professional and respect the office environment. Don't flirt with your partner all the time making your co-workers uncomfortable with the relationship.

7. Don't Overdo It

You must spend time with your colleagues and not just your significant other. Avoid the temptation to always have lunch with each other. Instead, have lunch with the team and be a team player. Don't be that annoying couple everyone despises in the office.

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8. Use Personal Email Id For Private Conversations

The last thing you want is to get caught and have your bosses read out your private chats. Don't send flirty messages or inappropriate selfies using your official email id. Be cautious about using corporate communication platforms for personal conversations.

9. Don't Make Out Or Have Sex In The Office

Most offices have CCTV cameras in every corner. The management keeps tabs on all their employees. Control the urge to get physically intimate with your partner in the work premises. Such fantasies sound good only in the movies. 

10. Avoid An Ugly End

Not all relationships have a happy ending. You mustn't wash your dirty linen in public. Keep it professional and not cry it out loud in front of other colleagues. Keep your ethics intact. Don’t send nasty emails or try to sabotage their career.

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Published on Jul 14, 2018
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