#MyStory: Why Getting Back Together With My Ex Was Actually A Good Decision

#MyStory: Why Getting Back Together With My Ex Was Actually A Good Decision

They say third time's a charm. Or not? Well, who are we to decide when fate decides practically everything for us? I guess I just didn't want to begin writing about a controversial topic like this one on a less than dramatic note. So, thought about getting back together with an ex-boyfriend? It's frowned upon, always. And I know that because most of my friends feel the same way too.

Here's a brief recap: This guy and I hit it off the first day we met. The catch was that we hit it off as friends. He was in a relationship and I was the friend in his life who approved of it. A few days into college life and soon we became part of a group and ended up spending a lot of time together. Mass bunking, visiting cool places, and studying together at the last minute was our thing, as friends, obviously. I was going through a complicated relationship back then and so was he. Since we were sailing in the same boat for the longest time we would end up talking about how it was sucking the life out of us. Next thing you know, birds of the same feather felt a spark! We were SO comfortable together that we could talk about anything. And while many would say that complicating a friendship isn't the brightest idea, we took the plunge anyway. To be honest, things were good for a while, but then the teenage drama started. Next thing you know, our relationship reached a point where we coudln't even stand to see each others' face. We would look at each other and instantly look away, knowing how much we wished to speak to each other. Drama! Drama! Drama!

why being friends wiyh your ex is not a bad idea inside

Time passed, we graduated college and somehow managed to become friends again (mostly because part of the drama in HIS life had gone). We pulled off the friendship for nearly three years and dismissed the things that had happened as a phase in college. But you know what they say, there is no such thing as being friends with your ex, and so, the romance rekindled. Only this time, we were all grown up. So, maybe it could be something real? But I guess it wasn't so much from his side as it was from mine because the same drama followed us and shat all over the good that had happened. Needless to say I was heartbroken but I let it go anyway. Never wanting to feel this way again.

But you know what they say, time has a way of placing you exactly where you belong. This time, maybe like never before. Maybe like we deserved to be. Just two best friends who really really make each other happy. In a time full of drama and cheating, you really want to find someone who you want to run back to at the end of a happy or a sad day. No, these aren't some cheesy lines out of a novel. It's what made us think about getting back together. And this time, with more love and lesser hang-ups. With more honesty and lots of love. With a little laughter and a happy happy ever after. 

And how is it different this time you ask? It's how it should be. Two people who pick reasons to be with each other. Two people who find solutions as soon as there is a problem. Two people who trust each other and know that they're responsible adults. Two people who know and want to treat each other like best friends before anything else. And you don't hurt your best friend, do you?

While there is no guarantee what the future holds, there is a happy feeling and positive thoughts that keep the two of us going. And the most controversial topic of getting back together with an ex comes to a standstill because sometimes, time moves you on. Moves you on to being a better person and moves you on to knowing someone like you have never known them before. It's not about what happened in the past, it's about how that person makes you feel in the present. You know what they say, the right person will think the sun shines out of your ass no matter what you do. And if you've found your 'right person', you never let them go!