For Clear Skin, The Pre-Caffeine Skincare Routine You Should Follow *Every* Morning

For Clear Skin, The Pre-Caffeine Skincare Routine You Should Follow *Every* Morning

One thing even my acquaintances know about me is that I LOVE coffee! That general love for the taste of it aside, my morning cuppa is more like a necessity. A necessity for me to *actually* wake up and function around other humans. But then, as we know, I dove headfirst into the world of skincare. The better my skin got, the more things I started trying to keep it up. The most difficult thing I've had to do though? To NOT have coffee the first thing in the morning and to follow skincare tricks that work better before that morning cuppa. It helped my skin so I guess the delay has been well worth it. 

Curious? Here is what my morning skincare routine looks like before I get a shot of that caffeine. 

1. Hydration

For the past few years whenever my doctor would ask me about my daily water consumption, I'd proudly say '4-5 litres'. At my last visit though, he asked me how much I have through the night. When you're asleep, it's not possible to drink water, which is why hydrating as soon as you wake up is super important! Your body repairs itself all through the night, so come morning, it is already parched. So, keep a bottle on your nightstand and hydrate if you can as soon as you wake up. P.S. It'll also help jolt your system awake! 

2. Cleanse

2 morning skincare before coffee micellar water cleanse

Normally, I'd wash my face with a facewash directly in the shower. But it's better to do a double cleanse early in the morning as well. Now, after I hydrate, I use a cotton pad doused in mild micellar water and just take any moisturiser or mask residue off my face. It sort of refreshes my face without being harsh. 

3. Tone

I learnt this splash and dab technique from a friend who has fabulous skin. After I cleanse my skin with micellar water, I tone. I take my favourite rosewater toner in my palm (make sure your hands are clean) and splash it on my face. Then, dab it gently into my skin. This step doesn't only wake me up but also restores the balance on my skin. 

4. Lemon Water

4 morning skincare before coffee lemon water hydration

Yes, more water. I know how difficult it is to have water as soon as you wake up. So it's not like you'd be able to glug down a litre (if you can though, more power to you). After I finish with my toner, I have a glass full of either fruit infused water or just lemon water. I do not like the taste of lukewarm lemon water, so I have it chilled. Fun fact about lemons... they hydrate you but also give you a jolt of vitamin C and citrus which gets your digestive enzymes flowing. 

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5. Iced spoons

This step depends on the day/night I have had but I usually keep a spoon or 2 in the freezer to chill. I use them under and on my eyes to de-puff them in the morning. 

Usually, after this, I'd do my elaborate skincare routine if I am at home or shower and get dressed. But before I do any of that... YES! YOU GUESSED IT. I finally get myself my cup of coffee!

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