Tweak Your Makeup Routine With These Simple Tips To Make It Monsoon Ready!

Tweak Your Makeup Routine With These Simple Tips To Make It Monsoon Ready!

As much as I like it that it's finally raining in Delhi, my usual makeup routine doesn't seem to cut it anymore. For one, my liquid foundation weighs a lot more than usual. And there's a stickiness in the air that I just can't seem to get rid of no matter how much powder I swish with my brush. 

Thanks to the rainy season, there's no escaping the humidity! Here are a few tweaks you can make in your existing makeup routine to enjoy that adrak waali chai and look amazing as always...

1. Less is More.

See, the more the products, the stickier you feel. That's just how it is in this season. So make it a rule to apply lesser products, baking is better done in cooler temps (wait for November). 


2. Use a primer. 

I made this a rule the year I turned 30. Using a primer is great to minimise the appearance of pores but also shields your skin against dust and pollution. A good primer will also make sure that the humidity doesn't run your makeup down.

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3. Make most of a colour corrector and a concealer.

There are certain areas on our face that need a little help every now and then. For me, it's my under-eye area as well as my chin. Sometimes I don't want to use a foundation at all. I dab an orange colour corrector under my eyes using my fingers and finish blending it with a concealer brush. Then I use a drop (and I mean a drop) of concealer on my cheeks, set it with powder and I'm done. 

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4. Swap liquid foundations with powder or mineral based foundations.

If a concealer doesn't cut it for you, use a powder or a mineral foundation. These are not dense formulas so they don't weigh your skin down and won't stick to your face either. Having said that, they may not provide full, HUDA-level coverage. Souffles and mousse foundations are good since they're silicone-based formulas and don't melt with the heat in monsoons.

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5. Matte formula lipsticks, please.

Stick bullet lipsticks in the fridge, opt for matte formulas or no bleed lip crayons. They are creamy but stay in the lines and are high on pigment. If you're a liquid lipstick person, I suggest you use smudge-proof formulas and make sure you seal it before you leave the house.

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6. Waterproof eye makeup to the rescue.

As much as we like the idea of looking like Shraddha Kapoor when it's pouring, the idea of a runny mascara or smudged eyeliner is a huge fail. When it comes to eye makeup: eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners, I like to stick to quick-drying formulas. A felt-tip eyeliner along with a waterproof mascara is perfect for Indian monsoons. 

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7. Keep your hair well conditioned.

Frizzy hair is a huge concern, even for someone like me who has naturally straight hair. Since monsoon also triggers hair fall, try to keep your hair well-conditioned. Give yourself a head massage with a serum, use a leave-in conditioner from time to time. You can also hit the salon for a hair spa once a month.

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That's it for now. Hope these tips help you out.

Enjoy the baarish till it lasts!