9 Monsoon Inspired Nail Art Styles You've Got Try This Rainy Season

9 Monsoon Inspired Nail Art Styles You've Got Try This Rainy Season

I may not be a big fan of the rains, but I do appreciate good monsoon inspired nail art. This rainy season calls for two types of ladies - the perfectionist who spends hours designing each nail and the girl-on-the-go who does a quick job and is out the door. The question is - which one are you? If you’re still in doubt, why don’t let these nail art designs serve as a pictorial inspiration for your next masterpiece? Good luck!

1. Rain Drop Fever


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Raindrops on your fingernails, how gorgeous is that? Also, brownie points for the cute pink umbrella painted on just one nail. Use a light blue shade as the base and play with deeper tones of blue as you paint each drop! A contrast in colour serves as a visual treat.  

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2. Long Time, No See, Rainbow!

Remember ladies, there’s a rainbow always after the rain. My question is - why wait to spot it when you can look at your nails, right? After you’re done painting tiny rainbows on your nails, don’t forget to coat them with transparent nail paint to make them look glossy.  

3. It’s Going To Be A Cloudy Day


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Cloud emojis on your nails? Cool! This nail art is perfect for the monsoons. For nailing this nail design, pick a shade that’s either sky or pale blue. You want the clouds to stand out and not blend in with the rest of the polish.  

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4. Paint Me Blue


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If you’re a girl who isn’t a fan of nail art but likes adding a pop of colour to her nails, check this one out! Pick pastel blue or teal, with the right amount of confidence, any girl will be able to pull off this bright colour.  

5. Feeling A Little Under The Weather?


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White and grey are contrasting colours that complement each other. Since black and white will make your hands look too tacky, a subtler shade like light grey will balance the rest of your look out.

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6. It’s Raining Froggies

Froggies and rainbows are what monsoons are made of! Let your creativity run wild here. Play with colours, play with studs, experiment with patterns - trust me, this monsoon inspired nail art of yours is going to turn out amazing!

7. Bubble Jelly Nails Are So Adorbs

These ones look similar to jelly nails and have tiny bubble-like designs on them. They’re transparent and extremely fragile. However, in the rains, these look gorgeous. This nail art design is one of my favourites from this list.

8. Rain, Please Go Away!


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Can't stand the rains? No worries! This nail art design has a message for the rain gods. (I hope they hear you out too!)

9. Keep it Simple


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This nail art design is so easy to replicate and looks fabulous at the same time. Opt for pastel here and you’re bound to receive a bunch of sweet compliments. Why don’t you give this pretty design a shot?

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