11 Little Things That Bother You About *Him* - Way More Than They Should!

11 Little Things That Bother You About *Him* - Way More Than They Should!

We often pay attention to things way more than we should, overthinking tiny imperfections in our significant other. But it doesn't always have to be that way, we came up with a list of small things about him that may bother you in your relationship, way more than they actually should. And how to find a way around these tiny and sometimes, cute problems to become couple goals. 

1. Wears Funny Clothes

Some people just need to be educated about fashion, don't write him off just yet! You can always gift him a pair of nice black denim and he'll get the hint. 

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2. He Has An Accent!

It gets easier with time and let's be honest, it can be super cute sometimes. Imagine how adorable your name will sound from his lips. 

3. Veg Or Non-Veg?

I'll say it again for the ones in the back, it doesn't matter! Your food preferences shouldn't overpower how strongly you feel about someone. Also, Pepperoni Pizza is good but so is sex. 

4. Not A Morning Person

You like to stay in on a Sunday morning and he likes to begin his day at 7 am with yoga. So this is where you reach a middle ground and wake up at 9 am and do a few stretches together. Couple goals, guys! 

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5. Sleeping Preferences

You like sleeping on the left side of the bed and apparently so does he. Can you believe how similar you two are? Awww. The solution is to just cuddle on the left side together, you both win. 

6. Texting Skills 

He texts like he is constantly running out of time? Just respond like you usually would and hopefully, he'll understand. Or just be honest, that always seems to work. 

7. The AC Temperature 

You sleep at 24 and he likes the freezing cold at 18 degrees! You reach a middle ground and maybe turn on the fan at 24 degrees? Nothing that technology can't solve. 

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8. Hot Showers Or Cold Showers?

Save water and shower together, but what if he can't stand how hot you like your showers? Well, you can always switch to a bathtub... more space. 

9. Doesn't Notice Your New Haircut

When this happens, you just waltz around him till he notices or just tell him how much you actually spent on the haircut. he'll be sure to remember you got it!

10. Midnight Football Matches

It's football season and if you're a good girlfriend, you often find yourself watching football on your sleepovers together. The way out? Tuck your iPad into your lap and cuddle him as you watch Breakfast At Tiffany's beside him. Or just cheer on regardless of who is playing, it's your choice. 

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11. Can't Take A Selfies

Most people aren't great with selfies but like any talent, this too can be acquired over a period of time. Stay patient and persistent, don't give up just yet.