Kangana Wearing One Pantsuit Twice In A Day Proves *Not All Superheroes Wear Capes*!

Kangana Wearing One Pantsuit Twice In A Day Proves *Not All Superheroes Wear Capes*!

Repeating an outfit within a month of wearing it seems like a scary risk to take, forget repeating it the very same day. We say, 'who cares?'. So does Kangana Ranaut - the Queen star proves that if you have the confidence and the style, there's nothing stopping you from repeating your favourite clothing and accessories!

Miss Ranaut wore a candy pink double-breasted pantsuit at the airport, Sunday night... and guess what? Less than 24 hours later, Kangana landed back in Mumbai wearing the exact same pantsuit! 

kangana repeating pantsuit 1

The twist, though? On Sunday night, the Bollywood fashionista arrived in the pink pantsuit paired with a white round-neck t-shirt, white sneakers and a Gucci crossbody bag. Bang on.

kangana repeating pantsuit 2

However, the next evening when she landed back, Kangana Ranaut's look had done a complete 180. Yes, with the same pantsuit on! She had replaced her white t-shirt with a white sheer, textured button-down and her sneakers with thin-strap heeled sandals. 

kangana repeating pantsuit 5

A sophisticated top handle bag had taken the place of her casual Gucci number. Last but most importantly, Kangana had worn her pantsuit blazer in quintessential blogger style - draped around the shoulders.

What's more is that this wasn't the first time she'd worn this pantsuit either! She'd worn it on vacation a couple of weeks too. 

kangana repeating pantsuit 4

If anything, let Kangana Ranaut, and her repeating this glorious pink pantsuit, be an inspiration. Don't avoid repeating your favourites. As long as you work them with confidence, you're good, sistah!

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