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8 'Kal Ho Na Ho' Dialogues That You Can Totally Use In Real Life

8 'Kal Ho Na Ho' Dialogues That You Can Totally Use In Real Life

Karan Johar has given us movies that are so iconic that we still keep using their dialogues in our daily conversation till date. Movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham and Kal Ho Na Ho are classics (yes, we said it!) that can never ever be remade or have sequels. So I thought of listing some of my favourite Kal Ho Na Ho dialogues and howthey can be perfectly used in real life!

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1. When someone says you're being extra!

kal-ho-na-ho-dialogues-that-we-can-use-in-real-life 1

2. When your thinnest friend complains about gaining weight

kal-ho-na-ho-dialogues-that-we-can-use-in-real-life 2

3. When your crush texts you but you don't know what to say...


4. ...And then you can't stop sending them lame one-liners (help!)

kal-ho-na-ho-dialogues-that-we-can-use-in-real-life FB

5. When your crush says the two of you are 'only friends'

kal-ho-na-ho-dialogues-that-we-can-use-in-real-life 8

6. When you tell your boyfriend how much you love him

kal-ho-na-ho-dialogues-that-we-can-use-in-real-life 4

7. When you are on a diet and your friend is eating a pizza! *sigh*

kal-ho-na-ho-dialogues-that-we-can-use-in-real-life 5

8. When you finally figure out that life isn't meant to be taken seriously

kal-ho-na-ho-dialogues-that-we-can-use-in-real-life 9