Kuch Khatta(r) Kuch Meetha: Ishaan Khatter Wore *Capris* With Socks & We Don't Know How We Feel

Kuch Khatta(r) Kuch Meetha: Ishaan Khatter Wore *Capris* With Socks & We Don't Know How We Feel

Mostly, when you see an outfit, you either hate it or like it. Once in a while, there comes along a look, which you don't know how to feel about. Since the line between 'genius' and 'outrageous' is really (really) slim, it's natural to feel confused by outfits or fashion pieces that are somewhere in the middle.

Today, the outfit that makes us feel confused is something that Ishaan Khatter put together to wear to lunch in the city. The Dhadak star was photographed outside a restaurant today in this unique look. 

ishaan khattar capris with socks 1

Ishaan's sporty graphic t-shirt is basic yet harmless. What caught our attention is his mid-calf length joggers. Don't they remind you of the long-gone capri pants? Khattar also wore high-top trainers with regular shin-length socks.

The pairing might be categorised as odd but we have mixed feelings... The fact that Ishaan managed to make regular ankle length socks look decent is applaudable, no? I mean, if sandals with socks could go from being a disaster to super chic, there's a chance this could be up there with it. Also, the joggers' tapered fit saved them from being a faux pas of the worst kind.

Speaking of which, Ishaan hasn't taken many fashion risks, even during his movie promotions but we did spot this picture on Instagram:

ishaan khattar capris with socks 2

Looks like the talented actor has a soft-spot for mid-calf length bottoms, doesn't it? All in all, we Ishaan's outfit interesting, HBU?

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