Is Lip Brushing *Really* Good For Your Lips? We FINALLY Have an Answer!

Is Lip Brushing *Really* Good For Your Lips? We FINALLY Have an Answer!

What's common between Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone apart from the fact that they are all A-list actresses?! Their envy-inducing, pout perfect lips. So when I heard Katrina Kaif's sister Isabelle Kaif reveal one of her family's lip care secrets, I was intrigued. 

In one of her interviews, Isabelle Kaif said that she brushes her lips every day and everyone knows, much like her sister, she is blessed with delicate-looking pink lips. 

My logic to justify Isabelle's tip was that brushing lips is a basic combination of a lip massage which increases blood flow and it gets rid of dead skin i.e. scrubbing the lips. This, in theory, helps in getting rid of chapped, cracked lips and also helps plump your pout a little. But I was wrong.  

I had heard about the technique of massaging lips using a toothbrush earlier as well but my sister, who keeps experimenting with effective skincare strategies, asked me not to do so. Rubbing a toothbrush on the lips, scrubs off a protective layer from the area along with the dead skin. 

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Reasons to not brush your lips:

1. A toothbrush is designed for teeth and its bristles are too harsh on the skin.  

2. Lips are extremely sensitive. No brush is soft enough to deal with delicate skin in the lip area.

3. Forget lips, dentists recommend people to avoid using toothbrushes to clean their tongues because of the bacteria and waste it collects from our teeth.

4. It may wipe off a layer from our lips which is actually designed to protect them. 

Healthy alternative:

The soul idea is to scrub the lips not with a brush but with a finger. Exfoliating lips in the right way can give you healthy, luscious lips.

Massaging and removing the dead skin from the lips every day does improve the blood circulation in the area which, in change, allows the lips to appear more healthy and voluminous.  

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The right way to do it:

Make a paste at home with sugar, olive oil and honey. Before applying it to the lips, hydrate them. Dab some hot water on the lips. 

Then take the mixture and massage your lips in a circular motion. Be gentle. Do not press too hard. Do not allow them to dry completely and avoid the cracked or injured areas.

Continue massaging until you feel the dead skin peeling. There is a chance that you may not feel the dead skin even after rubbing for a minute or so, that's absolutely fine. This doesn't mean you have to rub harder. In a couple of attempts, the dead skin will peel off.  

If you wish to use the paste occasionally, you can just use water to massage the lips every day. 

And continue to hydrate them using good quality preferably organic lip balm regularly (but do NOT lick them)!

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Say hello to clear, healthy and red lips!

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