MyStory: I'm Spending Most Of My Date Nights At Home With Him But We Love It!

MyStory: I'm Spending Most Of My Date Nights At Home With Him But We Love It!

You know what they say? It's not about the place, it's about the people. I did not believe this for the longest time but time changes your perspective, doesn't it? So, I have been dating this guy for quite some time now and even though I am the pizza and wine date kind of person who likes to go out often, I have gotten quite used to spending time at home. With him, of course!

How is it, you ask? Well, he recently moved into a new house all by himself and needless to say we make the most of it. *Wink*. So, it was one of those rainy afternoons when I decided to drop by at his house with a bottle of Merlot thinking we'll have a couple of drinks and head out for a nice Sunday dinner. Well, at least that was the plan. However, while pouring the wine, we realized that the weather outside was getting better and we were looking forward to the drive and the date. There was a slight delay with the dinner plans so I had changed into comfortable clothing and was waiting in the living room with my glass.

He joined me 15 mins later and we started chatting knowing there is time to spare before we had to reach the restaurant. We poured ourselves another glass and moved to the lawn since the weather was only getting better. We were so engrossed in our conversation that we almost missed our reservation.

 I'm Spending Most Of My Date Nights At Home With Him But We Love It!

This is when we realized that it was so much more about the moment and not where we were headed. We decided on not stepping out at all and ordered some pizza and another bottle of wine at home. We spent our time chatting, cuddling and playing PS4. We realized how comfortable we felt being in our pyjamas. We could be goofy, could do as much PDA as we liked and just be ourselves!

So, now, we're two lazy people who prefer staying in and play some PS4 (which I still don't know how to play), order some greasy take out and just be in comfortable oversized outfits all day. Sometimes we just lay in bed and watch random videos on our phone and trust me when I say this, there is nothing else feels as good as this. This does not mean that we never step out, we still love to go out to nice places and explore new food joints but lately, our dates are more about staying in than stepping out and we absolutely love it!

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