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If Kartik Aaryan Was My Boyfriend, This Is What My Life Would Be Like!

If Kartik Aaryan Was My Boyfriend, This Is What My Life Would Be Like!

We all love the Pyaar Ka Punchnama actor Kartik Aaryan. He has had girlfriend problems in all the movies I've watched so far, and I can't help but wish he had better luck on the big screen and in real life. And he definitely would, if he was my boyfriend

While daydreaming about my love fantasy with Kartik, I came up with a bunch of ideas about how my life would look if he were to be the love of my life.

Get-set and here we go!

1. Call it a woman's intuition or whatever you'd like but I'm pretty sure he's nothing like the misogynist pig he plays in his movies. There's something that tells me that he's super sweet and respectful to the women around him! 

2. A sense of humour is sexy and we've all seen that he's hilarious in his movies. This cutie is just not funny in movies, but also quite a goofball in real-life too. I really can't seem to get enough of men who can make me laugh!

3. Have you seen those abs? Waking up to this, every day would be HEAVEN! I repeat, HEAVEN! Life is all set now! Don't need anything else anymore 'coz I'll have all I want, 365 days a year. What else do you need? He will probably give me a hot cup of coffee as soon as I wake up too. ;)


The more you sweat in training The less you bleed in battle

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3. Did you know he completed his graduation after his debut film? That sort of dedication is amazing - even though it was his mom who forced him to go back to college! You know what? That's a double win right there! A man dedicated to his work who also listens to his mom - I'll have one of those!

4. Free cuddles for life, along with the hot bod! This hot bod comes with additional lifelong qualities. My life would be full of cuddles; from the picture, I'm guessing he's an awesome cuddler. I'm not complaining, not at all! 

5. His second movie was Akaash Vaani - a movie that touched upon the sensitive topic of marital rape. His other movies may have had misogynist undertones but the fact that he made a bold movie choice like that is all the proof I need to tell me that he supports the relevant social causes these days. He knows right from wrong and may, someday, make a great husband to me!

6. Life will be an adventure! As much as I love travelling, I would rather do it with someone I love and Mr Aaryan may be the one. What a match! I'm sure he would take me to places I've never seen before and surprise me with romantic getaways and what not.


Scenic spot

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7. If his Instagram account is any proof, you'll realise that he LOVES clicking pictures of himself and they are bomb AF! So he'll teach me, a noob when it comes to selfies, how to master the art of great portraits. Within weeks, the number of my Insta-followers will be close to his. After all, he'll be giving me multiple shout outs, now won't you boo? 

8. I'll be his #1 football fan! Yes, he plays football and that's another check on my checklist! I will be his number one cheerleader, always attending his matches and supporting him.


All Stars Football 🤩⚽️ #Singapore ❤️

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And then, boom, I wake up to face reality and it sucks without him :(

Published on Jul 21, 2018
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