I Wanted My Bridal Bun To Look Just Like Anushka Sharma's And This Is How It Turned Out

I Wanted My Bridal Bun To Look Just Like Anushka Sharma's And This Is How It Turned Out

When I went in for my makeup trial before the wedding, I was asked who I wanted to look like. Is there a reference? I said I want to look like Anushka Sharma did on her wedding day. Especially her hair.

Anushka Sharma got married last year and I was thoroughly taken in by the hydrangeas in her hair and just how good it looked through her jaal dupatta

What I Took From Anushka Sharma's Wedding Hairstyle

Since I was getting married in Jaipur and not Tuscany,  I didn't want it to be a total rip off. Instead, I'd thought of going for carnations or pink roses. What I did want to cheat was the colour variation from her stately bun. If you notice, she's wearing two different tones of hydrangeas, the brighter one in the centre.

When I was chatting with my hairstylist, Anamika, and scouring through Instagram and Pinterest, we agreed on one thing: mogra is the bomb! I know a lot of us want to go exotic with the choice of flora but I wanted to a heavy mogra bun just because it's so quintessentially Indian, it's amazing to smell and a personal favourite.

Final Look

As much as we really want to look like celebs, real life kicks in. At least, it did for me. I was expected to carry the flowers, which I obviously didn't, and so the staff at Looks Salon Jaipur had to improvise. We were able to get lots of mogras and light pink roses so the two-toned variation didn't happen. While I was still OK, the person who was the most nervous was my hairstylist herself. Once the started backcombing my hair and adding 100 pins to it, she seemed calmer.

DSC 0294

I made sure Anamika made my bun just at the nape (not too high or low) which is another thing I learnt from Anushka's look. Since there's a lot of weight on the bun (the flowers, the dupatta and sometimes hair accessories), they can't make it too low.

DSC 0353

I wanted the bun to suit my face shape. And here's how it looked.

IMG 1659 copy

It weighed a lot and didn't budge through the varmaala, pheras, feet touching and even the times I laughed like a mad woman.

DSC 0076 %282%29

What did you get on your big wedding day? Let us know!

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