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I Tried Airbrush Makeup For The First Time On My Wedding And...

I Tried Airbrush Makeup For The First Time On My Wedding And...

My wedding day was high on emotions, butterflies and I didn't want to add more to the drama. Yet when it was time to go to the salon, I couldn't breathe.

It such a big day and I was all nerves. I wasn't just nervous about getting married but also about how I was gonna look. Because I was taking a big risk: I was trying airbrush makeup for the first time.

Don't get me wrong, I did go for a makeup trial. My makeup artist, Keshav and I discussed eye makeup and he even did my base a bit but there was no trial of an airbrushed look. He'd said we won't do that, for anybody, and then had tried to reassure me it would look nice.

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In all my years as a beauty writer and editor, I've been to countless events and have had the opportunity to get my makeup done so I knew exactly what I wanted for my eyes and lips but when it came to my base, I'd never tried airbrush. To my dismay, most makeup artists had differing opinions, some said it's not necessary and costs more so I should chuck it. Others encouraged me to do it. 

Keshav started doing my base starting the prep with lots of moisturiser, then following up with a primer, concealer and colour corrector. By the time he started doing my eyeliner, I could barely breathe. In fact, I was fluttering my eyelashes so much he had to ask me to calm down.

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He then took out the spray they actually use for the foundation (they literally spray it) and started customising my foundation shade. He then took the spray and went around my whole face, neck, ears as well as my back.

At the back, my photographer said, "yeh kya spray painting chal rahi hai?". I laughed, wanting to kill him after he'd taken nice pictures, of course. 

I opened my eyes and the change was very evident. My base looked even-toned, well-blended and NOT cakey. I breathed in relief.

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IMG 1659 copy

He went on to do my contour, lashes and lipstick.

And here's the end result.

DSC 0329 2

My foundation could survive the humidity of Rajasthan rains.

IMG 1658 copy

During my pheras, it was super hot and I had no cooler pointing in my direction so I was worried that my makeup would melt off. While there was a little bit of shine on my photos, airbrush makeup definitely saved me on my wedding day.

I am almost convinced to invest in an at-home airbrush kit. Or learn how to do it.

Have you ever tried it? What was your experience like?

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Photographs by Vin Shivam and Aditya Koul For Lenskraft Photography

Makeup and Hair By Keshav and Anamika, Looks Salon Jaipur