Easy-Breezy Ways To Not Let A Vacation Ruin Your Fitness Routine

Easy-Breezy Ways To Not Let A Vacation Ruin Your Fitness Routine

I was planning to keep myself in shape, so I started eating healthy and introduced all kinds of protein-rich foods into my diet. I finally convinced myself to sign up for the gym again and then, out of the blue, my family decided that it's vacay time. Now I am not saying no to that, ever! My fitness goals may suffer because of no gym, different food, probably local specialities, sleeping late, waking up late but having fun will always be my priority.

How often do we do that? We always allow our fitness goals to take a backseat whenever we hear the word 'vacation' because we know it's not easy for vacations and fitness routine to go hand-in-hand. But no one said it was impossible, I have realised. So, here's how you can go on a vacation and maintain a major part of your fitness routine.

1. Plan like a champ!

You won't be able to squeeze in hourly workout sessions on the vacation, so be smart about planning the list of your exercises for the vacation week. Include the places to visit that need more walking or cycling in your itinerary. Even when you are enjoying a party, maintain a dance routine, focus on body movements and on having fun more than the food and drinks.

A few weeks prior to your vacation, reduce cardio and increase muscle exercises, allow your body to get used to the pattern because on holidays you are likely to cut down on cardio, but muscle exercises are doable even if it's for half-an-hour.

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2. Make it an active vacation!

Some enjoy climbing mountains and others love to explore museums, it's a personal choice. But when you're specially asked to hit the 'gym' on a vacation, it doesn't feel like a relaxing holiday anymore. 

However, the benefits of mountain climbing might be the same as squats! So, include the activities that are equally fun and productive on the trip. It could just be something as easy-breezy as paddling around the city and doing some shopping. 

And never underestimate the power of walking. Did I tell you in my college days I lost weight just by walking 3-4 km every day?

3. Fitness apps to the rescue

Try out a few fitness apps for daily workouts and keep the one that suits you the best. Amongst many, apps like Sworkit and Nike training club can help you with equipment-free workouts. 

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4. Pack your snacks!

Travelling can lead to binge-eating. You need to be very careful about it. Always keep healthy snacks in your bags such as a protein bar.

5. Ramp up when you are back in town!

Get back to your routine as soon as you are back. It's likely that your regular workout will feel harder, but don't give up or leave it for tomorrow. You'll soon get used to it. Adjust the hours, take more rest but delaying the workout will not help.

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Try these pointers and do let us know how was your vacation! 

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