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Here's How You Can Undo The Damage For All The Times You Slept With Makeup!

Here's How You Can Undo The Damage For All The Times You Slept With Makeup!

FIRST OF ALL, if you do this more often than NOT, please stop. Sleeping with makeup can affect your skin. Having said that, I am definitely not going to be holier than thou and say that I haven't done this a couple times myself. I have, and hence I know how it feels to wake up the next day. While sleeping with makeup for a day doesn't do any lasting damage, but making a habit out of it can clog your pores and slowly damage your skin too. Here's how you can undo the damage done for all the times you slept with makeup. 

1. Do Not Touch Your Face

I know the first thing you'd want to do is to touch the smudged up face or even do a facepalm. But seriously, avoid touching your face as soon as you wake up! There might be some bumps and blemishes that might have suddenly cropped up, leave them alone. 

2. Opt For A Double Cleanse

2 double cleanse

When you sleep with makeup, it is imperative for you to make sure you get it all off the next day! Start by wiping your face carefully with makeup wipes or micellar water. Then use a mild cleanser to take it all off. Also, make sure you use some cleansing eye drops for your eyes. 

3. Assess The Damage

Now that all the residue is off the face, it's time to take a good look at your face. If you have dry skin, chances are the makeup has started making your skin flake out. If you have acne prone skin, chances are there might be a new breakout has erupted somewhere. So look at your face and that should give you your plan of action!

4. Mask It

Whatever the damage, masks are usually a great instant fix. If you have dry, flaky skin go for a super hydrating sheet mask, if you see a breakout, opt for a clarifying clay mask. Just spend the 15 extra minutes to use a mask, your skin will definitely thank you!

5. Serum Time

5 serum time sleep in makeu

Once you're done masking, take it off and then follow up with your usual skincare routine. If you don't use a serum, I suggest you get a Vitamin C serum just for days when you feel like your skin needs a little something extra. 

6. SPF Please

Do not leave your house without sunscreen, usually, but especially on days like this. 

7. Moisturise

When you sleep with your makeup on, regardless of your skin type your skin is dehydrated. Make sure you moisturise well before you step out. Also, drink some water while you're at it.

8. No Makeup Day

8 no makeup skincare routine sleep in makeup

If you can, skip makeup on this particular day, your skin definitely needs a break. 

9. Change Your Pillowcase

I know this isn't a skincare step but it is definitely one to care for your skin. Sleeping in your makeup means you pillowcase it still probably covered in your makeup. Just change it up so you don't have to sleep on it at night. 

Follow these steps to undo the damage and you're good to go. Please keep makeup wipes on your nightstand for the nights when you can't remove your makeup at all!

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Published on Jul 16, 2018
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